I wasn't expecting all that much. If you"re thinking about purchasing this just pull the trigger and do it as I stated best bang for your buck. This model also has 24 frets, instead of the regular 22. Long story short, this axe is a BEAST, it's a "Killer Diller Miller" and I can't put it down, my wife has to literally snatch it out my hands at night else neither of us would get any sleep. There’s no real need to “sell” an iconic name like “SG”. Email. Comes with Original Hardshell Case. The string vibrations can be felt while playing, it's simple and concise with no push pull coil tap nonsense and it breathes like a unicorn. I'm not that big of a Gibson guy, but I'm really happy with this purchase. Fit finish playability tol i"ve owned this guitar for couple of weeks now and I will say it truly is a total monster. I wanted a SG for I tried one in guitar center and liked it. And now I have found it. So I didn't need a Gibson sound guitar. Les mécaniques sont fiables et réglables en dureté. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. 10 / 03 / 2018 JFguitar sur Gibson SG Standard . The ’57 Classic pickups suit it beautifully, with the light weight body combining to give it a bright tone. A real SG, no gimmicks. This is a cosmetic difference for the most part. Not so with the 2018 model. This is perfect for classic rock but able to adapt to pretty much any genre. zZounds.com. The new SG Standard guitar captures the essence of the groundbreaking SG of 1961 with the sonic characteristics that made t... Take a ! It came in the mail yesterday (a day early) and I'm absolutely blown away. My first was a 1973. Playing for guitar for long enough to be way better... bars, fairs, wineries, etc. He's extremely knowledgeable and I guarantee that you will have a wonderful purchasing experience with excellent customer service. Share. They all have their moments. 16 of 16 people (100%) people found this review helpful. It was between that and the Autmn shade, but I love red guitars. Lutherie / Caractéristiques / Finitions . It plays just as good as the HP and it's just as pretty and worth every penny, can't say the same about the HP since it's more complicated and still isn't any easier to play, and it certainly doesn't sound any better but cost a lot more dinero. Featuring advanced materials including titanium adjustable zero fret nut and bridge saddles for improved performance, next-gen Gibson G FORCE tuners, frets over binding, … Electric Guitars. The new Les Paul Standard features the popular asymmetrical Slim Taper neck profile with Ultra-Modern weight relief for increased comfort and playability. Don't think. The new SG Standard guitar captures the essence of the groundbreaking SG of 1961 with the sonic characteristics that made this model a legend. Sweetwater's Sales Engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the latest products and technologies. Thanks to Dan Robinson helping me out with an American Professional Tele that I just wasn't feeling, I ended up with an SG that I've always wanted anyway. A Sweetwater Sales Engineer will get back to you shortly. I just purchased the Heritage Cherry Red and it's beautiful, light, and plays like a wet dream. This guitar has excellent tone and feel, I absolutely love it. Get Directions | Read user reviews for Gibson 2018 Les Paul Standard HP Electric Guitar (with Case) and see over 325,000 product reviews at zZounds.com. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! Fit finish playability tone it"s all there and I"m a very picky person. My SG junior also has the identical heritage cherry finish. But pull this new model from the case and there’s still an instant “ahhhh!” of recognition. Sell One Like This; Listings Price Guide. But this caught my eye big time. One of them being a beautiful ES339. Gibson SG Standard HP 2018. the Epiphone one is not even close to the sound of the Gibson. I purchased my 2018 SG standard from the fine folks at Sweetwater. Get um before there gone! 22 frets, mahogany body and neck, two volume, two tone, three-way switch. and the SG was the same price at guitar center. 2018 Gibson Standard in Natural Burst. It has become my favorite and virtually my only guitar. The guitar played like butter right out of the case. The finish needs to be seen up close to be fully appreciated. Oh, and the 2019's are $600 more for the same guitar! There should be paid guitar maternity leave, I might mention it to my boss today. In my opinion, pound for pound and dollar for dollar this is the best deal in the SG standard lineup. They are available to offer you personalized product advice any time you need it. Score: 1 to 10 - Users Be 1st. The build quality was very poor, and there was a lot of fret buzz. Brand: Gibson. Also, zZounds staff were very helpful when I was making my purchasing decision. Burst Bucker pickups and locking Grover tuners. I finally found the big brother to my SG Junior !!. Gibson SG Standard 2018 - Ebony Reviews Reviews | Sweetwater Disclaimer. I have a good collection of electric guitars. WhatsApp. Wow! Learn More. This page contains information, pictures, videos, user generated reviews, automatically generated review and videos about Gibson SG Standard 2017 T but we do not warrant the quality, accuracy or completeness of any information on our web site. Gibson gives us our money's worth with this product and is truly living up to its name, VIVA LA GIBSON!! By comparison, the Special has smaller inlays, and more of a vintage look. Toggle navigation. Sounds great and plays great. It has some cosmetic character marks on the back and headstock, shown in the pictures. To learn more about our cookie policy, please check our Privacy Policy. The iconic Les Paul Standard is celebrated by the world's greatest musicians as the standard for perfection in the world of electric guitars. This guitar was the cheapest (in price) of all of them. You can also call us toll free at (800) 222-4700, Mon-Thu 9-9, Fri 9-8, and Sat 9-7 Eastern. It sounds really good also. I"ve owned this guitar for couple of weeks now and I will say it truly is a total monster. These 2018's are the same specs as the 2019 models except for the tuners and knobs. The action was quite high, tuning pegs loose in the headstock, and the intonation was universally sharp at the 12th.The Canadian manufactured case fits the body snugly, yet does not hold the guitar squarely across the neck brace. Désolé de ne pas être dans le vintage, mais moi je m'intéresse un peu à cette Gibson SG "Modern" et j'ai quelques questions pour les spécialistes de la SG : - Cette version est-elle plus équilibré que les autres SG actuelles (surtout assis), parce que j'ai un mauvais souvenir d'une Gibson SG standard d'une quinzaine d'année qui penchait sérieusement du côté de la tête? Now is the perfect time to get the gear you want with simple, promotional financing. Thanks, as always, to Mark Magdich for his continued great customer support. Came with 9 - 42 which is a little light for me. As an added note, if you find any musical instrument(s) and/or accessories that you're interested in purchasing from Sweetwater, please contact Will Crisp to complete the sale. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox. Solidité à tous les étages! Say the words “Gibson SG Modern” and you might imagine some pretty wild permutations of the Gibson solidbody.

2018 gibson sg standard review

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