Importance of Preserving Heritage Breeds. I love them but they do act strangely - they will stay in the corner of the hen house brooding if you let them. Toward that end, they're on the chunky side with extra-small combs and wattles. When not broody she lays regularly. I want to preserve this rare and awesome winter hardy bird. Add to Favorites . Under the supervision of Brother Chatelain, the monks of the Cistercian Abbey in Oka, Quebec, sought to create a fowl of vigorous and rustic temperament that could resist the climatic conditions of Canada. Buff Chantecler Chickens are a friendly dual-purpose breed and lay around 4 brown eggs per week. We also make delivery trips to meet customers at central locations throughout Western Canada. The Chantecler was developed in the early 20th century in Oka, Quebec. maybe I will hatch some eggs next year! A tall and meaty fowl with abundant plumage, the average Chantecler weighs seven or eight pounds. One of only two native Canadian breeds. Buff Chantacler chicks are solid buff colored with some having dark brown spots on top of the head. The name Chantecler comes from the French words chanter, which means sing, and clair, which means clear. The breed was developed at around the 20 th century by a great researcher Abbey of Notre-Dame du Lac in Oka. Chantecler Fanciers International was formed in the fall of 2007 to promote this deserving and under-represented breed by encouraging communication, fellowship, exhibition, and sharing of stock. She is a perfect mom until they are 4 weeks old...then she is done. A wee story about how they like to be with their own kind...a few months back my daughter came tearing into the house out of breath telling me in broken words that I needed to come out to the coop RIGHT NOW! Fowl, About Purely They are not bullies but will stand up for themselves. Offering chicks and fertilized hatching eggs for sale. We raise our heritage breed chickens on pasture whenever possible. She does tend to go broody and is an excellent mom. And today the breed is pretty rare, even in Canada. Unlighted I presume? At 8.5 lbs. Curious...what makes you say good winter layer? The Buff Chantecler is a gentle, hardy, dual purpose breed. When they do go out with the rest of my flock, (I actually have to pick them up and toss them out of the coop!) The invention of the Chantecler chicken was mostly in thanks to one Brother Wilfrid Châtelain, a Canadian monk. They were bred for their resilience to cold, and their willingness to be a prolific egg-layer in the winter. haha. The Chantecler was admitted to the American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection in 1921. Chantecler chicken is large in size. History: The Chantecler is the only chicken breed developed in Canada. The Chantie is such a wonderful bird that meets all of your rigid climate conditions. Another type, “Fauve Buff”, is under development (as of 2008.) The breed is known for its hardiness in cold weather and ability to lay through the winter months. You must log in or register to reply here. Chanteclers are very cold hardy, bred to withstand cold temperature and continue to lay well in the winter. Roosters can get a little agressive with each other, Can't think of anything else. Plantagenet, Prescott County, Ontario, belongs to an old french family strong with numerous and long lived “descendents” knotty like centenary oaktrees. If you live up north, please give these birds a shot. She is sweet and gentle. We are able to ship across Canada, but do not ship to the US. In winter, the birds take over the greenhouse with unlimited outdoor access when weather permits. They continue to lay well during the winter. She does go broody from time to time, but she is a great mother and it is fun to watch her with the chicks. I have owned over thirty breeds and varieties over the years, but Chanteclers (Buff and Partridge) are easily the best of all of them. Buff Chantecler chick with a Japanese Bantam chick. The Partridge Chantecler is a “composite” breed of poultry where Dr Wilkinson used several different “foundation” breeds in its formation and then selective breeding was done to refine the form and function. They are notable for having a very small cushion comb and almost no wattles, making them very resistant to frostbite. According to Hans Schippers, the Dutch authority on the Barnevelder... "The Chicken Book" covers the history of the domesticated chicken all... Magicfly Bright Cool LED Light Egg Candler Tester - Incubator Warehouse... Good layers, Have Great temperments, Roosters are super frendily, Can handle the worst bilzzard no problem! Heritage. I will definitely use them to brood when I decide who's eggs I want to hatch. There are also Partridge and Buff varieties exist of this chicken breed. Poultry. Photo Source: Unknown. So funny! The Chantecler has developed along three basic plumages: white, buff, and partridge. When I'm in the run there is usually at least one tapping at my leg wanting treats or picked up. I was in the same position as you, wanting to create a good free ranging breed....then I accidentally discovered the Basque Thread on BYC...if you go will understand what I mean............................Mike. They are odd little hens! That has not been my experience at all! ORDER chicks & eggs from one of these two dedicated Breeders. The Chantecler is a dual purpose Canadian breed that is hardy, productive, and well suited to harsh winters. however my hens haven't started laying yet and are now 21 weeks old. They are often very good foragers. At that point in time, Canada was home to only European and American breeds of chicken. The Chantecler was bred for great laying abilities as well as traits that would make them very hardy for the cold Canadian winters. The breed comes mainly in white color, but there are also Partridge and Buff varieties exist. To this end an annual Breeders Directory is published and an annual National Meet is held in both the USA and Canada. I have limited experience with the Chantecler but I am familiar with Canadian weather. Older hens are known to go broody. Chickens. The only “Canadian” chicken. Pure partridge chantecler roosters hatched June 24th, 2020 from a breeder in Fergus, Ont. they do act a little bossy. Partridge Chantecler developed in the 1930s and not related to the White Chantecler even though they share the same name. They are thriving and lay consistently throughout winter. A rare breed it is a great barnyard breed for the Cariboo Chilcotin. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. They are decent winter layers of large brown eggs, yet fairly broody and good mothers. Out of Stock. Temperament: The Buff Chantecler is a friendly breed, however, does not enjoy confinement. They make unique noises, not loud just chatting. The Buff Chantecler is a gentle, hardy, dual purpose breed. Breeder of heritage breed chickens (Black Australorp, Partridge Chantecler and Canadian Bresse) near London, Ontario, Canada. Chantecler chicken breed first admitted into the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection in the year of 1921. I love my Buff Chantecler! Very smart. I'm just looking for a breed to enjoy looking at and I also want to help preserve this rare Canadian breed. The Chantecler breed was selected for personality and character, and roosters are quite vigilant when it comes to announcing visitors! That is good to know that they do go broody. I have to say that the Chanticlers have the softest feathers of any of my hens. They sport a small cushion comb and diminutive wattles purposefully introduced to the breed to avoid frostbite. I guess they just hadn't heard about them. Their temperament is generally calm and quiet, though young birds can be flighty. An unofficial chicken breed created by Meyer Hatchery to lay green eggs. Would love to have some down here in western PA, USA, but it gets to hot for them in my valley here in the summer. Dual - Purpose Chickens . T he three most common colours of Chantecler are the original White Chantecler (developed in 1910 in Quebec), the Partridge and the Buff Chanteclers. The Chantecler chicken breed first admitted into the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection in the year of 1921. They have a cushion comb and clean, yellow legs and feet. I especially appreciate that she allows me to handle her and her chicks. It just makes them more entertaining, especially in a mixed yard. Probably not easy to tame and a big breed. The breed was developed with the intention of increase dual-purpose breeds in the poultry farming industry. Chantecler rooters can weigh 9 lbs and hens 6.5-7.5 lbs, they have nice rounded breasts. We have an on-line store! Buff Chantecler Chanteclers are gaining popularity. As a result, the foundation of the White Chantecler was established. Chantecler Chanteclers have the distinction of being the first-ever Canadian breed, and were developed for good egg and meat production and hardiness even in the coldest of winters. I have a Chantecler and she is my favorite hen! The White Chantecler is a winter hardy dual purpose breed (eggs and meat) that was developed in Canada. The chantecler hails from Quebec Canada, where they were developed by the monks of the Cistercian Abbey in the early 1900 s. With the intent of creating a dual purpose, rugged fowl that could withstand Canadian winters, the brothers interbred rhode island reds, cornish, wyandotte s, leghorns, and plymouth rock. Click HERE! Greenmum is right on the money! I forgot, they have no tails! Duckopolis has poultry available in day old chicks up to mature birds; we do not sell hatching eggs. All color varieties have yellow skin and beaks. JavaScript is disabled. Recognized Varieties: White, Partridge. Chanteclers were bred to be efficient winter layers as well as able to withstand the cold easily. An excellent meat bird, roosters can weigh up to 8.5 pounds. Breed of the Month: Chantecler chicken. At the dawn of the 20th century, no breeds of chicken had been established in Canada, and Canadian farmers and poultry fanciers only had fowl of European and American derivation. The combination of their small comb and wattles with their meaty bodies and thick feathers make them a great choice for the colder northern climates. I have two partridge hens as well, they are about a year old. Hens are good winter layer producing approx. Update! I would love MORE like her! Buff Chantecler chicks. It was almost like they were mourning the one who passed. Chantecler is a breed of chicken that originated in Canada. APA Class: American. Roosters are kind to hens and not aggressive to humans. Purely Poultry carries the Buff Chantecler, a medium orange-yellow color with gold overtones. They are back to normal now and I find it hilarious how all they have to do is pause in what they are doing and any bird that has entered their personal space jumps right back out of it. Duckopolis is a farm located west of Edmonton Alberta that breeds quality ducks, chickens, geese, peafowl, guinea fowl, turkeys, and sheep. Chantecler - Buff Rooster in Moult. Great genetics and working towards the Standard. If she wasn't such a good layer I'd be sending her to freezer camp! Aug 11, 2013 - Elected officials sometimes resort to clever tactics to dodge the dreaded chicken issue. Because they are flighty? Sign up to receive important information on new breeds and availability. Toward that end, they have extra-small combs and wattles. We have worked for three years with two, younger, serious breeders as we pass on the actual hatching and shipping of our well bred Chanteclers. They are very cold hardy and have small combs and wattles, so I don't have to deal with winter trimming every year. That is so true about the hens being pretentious!, Magicfly Bright Cool LED Light Egg Candler Tester - Incubator Warehouse Exclusive. They're docile, yet range wary and certainly not dumb. Beautiful, glossy feathered. The Chantecler is the first Canadian breed of chicken. This fact was noted by Brother Wilfrid Châtelain, a Trappist monk and Doctor of Agronomy, as he toured the poultry flocks of the Oka Agricultural Institute, an agricultural school at his abbey which is affiliated with the Université de Montréal. The combination of their small comb and wattles with their meaty bodies and thick feathers make them a great choice for the colder northern climates. She is JUST the best mama. I have two pairs of buff chanteclers...they are the best birds ive ever had. Weight: Rooster 8.5 lbs, Hen 6.5 lbs, Cockerel 7.5 lbs, Pullet 5.5 lbs. Their diet of greens and insects is supplemented with a quality, non-medicated ration. If you want a good position on the list. They are decent winter layers of large brown eggs, yet fairly broody and good mothers. The map below shows breeders and hatcheries that sell Buff Chantecler chickens. I hope my girls start laying soon so we can start making everyone happy. There are two types of Chantecler chicken: a white one, and a partridge one. I am always surprised when Canadians go looking for "other breeds" which they hope can survive your frigid winters. They have nice large frames that make processing old hens and extra cockerels worthwhile, and those same large frames give extra room for egg production. Buff Chantecler chickens with Bourbon Red turkeys. They make me laugh they are so haughty!! Other It is extremely cold-resistant, and is suitable for both egg and meat production.The Buff Chantecler is a large chicken that lays respectably well and is a good meat producer. A Doctor of Agronomy who was also a Trappist monk from the Abbey of Notre-Dame du Lac noted that the poultry in Canada was of American and European decent. The. Production: The Buff Chantecler lays around 4 large, pale brown eggs a week. The two remaining Chanteclers were oddly quiet for about a week after. My rooster is very much the gentleman and sweet natured he has never shown any aggression at all, a bit shy in fact. She does lay well through winter, unless she is brooding. 3 Day Pay-It-Forward PFM + FREE BYC Calendar Offer! More About Brother Wilfrid: FRERE WILFRID ( 1876 – 1963 ) - WILFRID CHÂTELAIN, born on July the 1rst, 1876, at Curran, near . The breed is tough and strong since it can withstand cold weather. Yes they like to be picked up and just being near you. I have been wanting Chantecler since I heard of them- maybe a year ago? They are also good foragers and are brave. I live in rainy, moderate Oregon, so I'm not worried about torrid summers (although we get some "heat waves" in August)...but I really want to find some good natural winter layers that will still produce without artificial lighting. Your thoughts? Chantecler Chicken Characteristics . Colors: Chanteclers have been bred in White, Partridge, and Buff. They do have a bit of an attitude like they just know they are special. Got some white ones, and I was love at first sight, Great brids, I have 2 that raised 3 white ones together! They are TREMENDOUSLY cold-hardy and should be a top choice for you if you live in a frigid climate! The Buff color was developed by Walter Franklin of the US in the 1980s. I am hoping to remember to read the reviews before I get a chicken. One of them used to hang around in the "favored" nestbox but now she takes the opposite corner from her sister. They are easy-going and smart. Adults have a long, broad body that is covered with buff or straw-colored plumage. The following year, Chantelain took the offspring from the former cross (Dark Cornish x White Leghorn) and mated them to a rooster from the latter cross (Rhode Island Red x White Wyandotte). Chicks and pullets are available spring to fall. And with it, their partisans are seeking APA recognition of an additional color variety The breed was developed in the early 20th century by a Canadian monk, as a Canadian national chicken. Roosters weigh around 9 pounds, and hens are 6.5-7.5 pounds. Check out the video slideshow below to see examples of Buff Chantecler chickens. Definitely my favorite hen. Why wouldn't the Chantecler be a good pet breed? Well, I've got some Chantecler hatching eggs under a hen.... hope something hatches! Like many cold hardy birds, Chanteclers have small combs and wattles to prevent frostbite. The Chantecler is a dual purpose Canadian breed that is hardy, productive, and well suited to harsh winters. Please visit our on-line store Cirrus Hill Farm On-Line Store Welcome to Cirrus Hill Farm Heritage Poultry, Meaford We have retired from breeding, Continue reading This variant was admitted to the Standard in 1935. They prefer a free-range environment. Great news! My cousin used the breed as part of an experimental breeding and the results were outstanding. Nowadays, Chantecler chicken is a rare breed, even in Canada. I've been thinking about Chanteclers for that purpose. The first Chanteclers were created by crossing Wyandottes, Cochins, Cornish, and Leghorns. Production: The Buff Chantecler lays around 4 large, pale brown eggs a week. The Buff Chantecler is a chicken breed originating in Canada. For Chantecler Chickens to have so many positive qualities and characteristics that can’t be found in many other breeds, this breed doesn’t have much popularity. Chantecler Chickens. I have a Welsummer hen who picks the Chanticler's and my Araucana hen's feathers. Many cities across the country already have chicken-keeping ordinances. They have yellow skin and beaks with very small red cushion combs and wattles. He doesn't crow much and when he does its a bit different than your average, less obnoxious. The layers of the world's greatest layer company. Nice review! On the way back to the coop she got it out that one of our golden girls (translation: buff Chantecler) was laying down in the yard and not moving. I see a lot of people are saying that Chanteclers are flightily. Seeing this as a flaw in Canada’s agricultural history, Brother Chantecler made it his mission to proli… Their meat qualities are also good, as they dress out at about five pounds most times. Chantecler is a breed of chickens developed in Québec. Here in Oregon’s capital we have been fighting for the right to have three hens … Today they're exceedingly rare throughout North America, but we do sell them in small numbers! They chase each other around and the other five hens as well. Where they don’t, citizens are often lobbying for one – but some cities are more reluctant than others. Thank you for the information, I actually started maybe wanting some but this review stopped me in my tracks. There is also a Buff variety but have not been admitted to show standards.

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