Edelrid’s new Giga Jul looks deceptively like your standard two-tube device. This device is super light and can accommodate … Is this dangerous or is there something special about the Jul … What we like: We felt like this was the closest feel to an ATC and it looks it too. If compared directly to an ATC-Guide or a GriGri, the Giga Jul falls a little short in both departments.It doesn’t give slack quite as easily as both devices, and … Field test review of the new Edelrid Mega Jul belay device, a serious contender for a “semi-auto” device. PSA: Edelrid updates Mega Jul guide mode instructions As seen in images 8d and 8e here the locker passing through the rope must also go through the thumb loop. The new kid on the block. In the manual for the Jul, there is a picture of the belayer just using the nose of a carabiner to lower followers on it. But by moving the slider in the center and flipping the orientation, you quickly go from a manual-braking to assisted-braking device—the options include manual-braking or assisted-braking lead and toprope belay, guide-mode … Edelrid Mega Jul – Weight: 65 grams. Apparently Edelrid didn't announce … Edelrid Giga Jul vs ATC-Guide & GriGri comparison. Guide Mode: Yes; The Giga Jul joins Edelrid’s family of Jul assisted braking devices: Micro Jul: designed for half and twin ropes; Mega Jul: designed for single ropes; Mega Jul Sport: designed for sport climbing with thicker single ropes; Jul 2: designed for single pitch climbing at the gym or crag; How the Giga Jul … The Edelrid Mega Jul comes as … Black Diamonds ATC Guide weights 88g, 23g heavier than the Mega Jul… The Mega Jul does everything a normal guide mode belay plate does, and then some, but does this come at any disadvantage. Edelrid Mega Jul. Well weight wise no. However, the manual in the Mega Jul recommends exactly this practice (that is unsafe on the BD guide). Edelrid Mega Jul | $29.95 edelrid.de.com ★★★★.

edelrid mega jul guide mode

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