In French bean there are two types one is bush type and another one is pole type. After that furrows should be made at a spacing of 30-35 cm and a spacing of 25-30 cm should be followed between plant to plant. Grow High Yields of Beans. Bush beans and pole beans are further split into three subcategories: Michigan State University suggests estimating your dry bean yield per plant by first counting the number of plants in a row on 1/1000th of an acre. You may also like the Sabja Seeds Cultivation Income. This crop as a vegetable has great demand in cities and is grown both commercially and in kitchen gardens. Most of these improved varieties produce about 20 pods for each plant, which translate to about 25, 90 kg bags per acre. The plant is very compact and requires no support at all in most situations. If you start too early, the plant will not have enough time to create the proper texture and taste. There are four major stages which are highly sensitive in the growing process; germination, flowering, fruiting and lastly harvesting. Totally stringless, Sprite is a tasty French bean variety which is well worth a try. Pole type Varieties TKD 1, KKL-I, Ooty 1, Murungai bean are popularly cultivated. 10 kilograms of nitrogen should be applied per acre as top dressing. He plans collaborating his agriculture, horticulture and farming knowledge into a subject of help to all those who wish grow crops, venture into farming or gardening. If a seed or pod will not mature, it should not be counted. Yield 8 - 10 t/ha of green pods in 90 - 100 days. When you're ready to plant seeds for bush beans, place them in a 1- to 2-inch hole, eyes facing down. Plant protection measures have to be taken up at timely intervals. Hence, the cultivation of French bean should be encouraged. You may be interested in Snake Gourd Container Gardening. Your dry bean yield per plant will depend on a few variables, including the type of beans you're growing, the quality of their growing conditions, and their consistent care and maintenance. 310 per kilogram averagely. in Communications and English from Niagara University. Soil Cool climate with well drained loamy soils with pH range of 5.5-6.0 is suited for pole bean cultivation. 10:24:20 kg of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash should be mixed with soil before ploughing. When the plant and its pods are totally dry, break the pods open and remove any chaff from their seeds. Unless they are too dry, don't feed or water them because you don't want to encourage the growth of their leaves. Sprite French Bean. In hilly regions, it can be grown as a summer crop. Decided to come back to farming, agriculture sector as a Farmer and Writer. Yield 3 to 5 pounds per 10-foot row. Growers can estimate dry bean yields by determining the average number of plants per acre, the average number of pods per plant and the average number of seeds per pod. They should be 4 to 6 inches apart with at least 2 feet between each row. Rs .4,000 farmer has to spent towards labor for harvesting, packing and loading the produce. Rain-fed cultivation is possible in areas with well-distributed, medium to high annual rainfall of 900-1,200mm per annum. For plant protection measures approximately Rs.4,800 needed. In miscellaneous, we can include the cost of irrigation, land revenue, land rent, electricity charges and cost of family labor, etc. Sucking pest and virus infections are the major constrains for French bean cultivation. It is reasonable to perform a soil test before seeding. Seed treatment with rhizobium culture is necessary. Yield per Acre of Beans The hybrid varieties nowadays are very impressive and has a high yield compared to the traditional varieties. Total cost incurred in 1 acre French bean cultivation: The total cost of cultivation involved in French bean cultivation was Rs.62,340 besides this there might be an extra 10% cost to the various activities then the total cost of cultivation will be around Rs.68,574. However, there might be changes in cost seed material depending upon the various factors. Islam (2015) [26] observed that the highest number of pods per plant, number of seeds per pod, thousand seed weight, seed yield (1.494 tha -1 ) from the application10 kg S ha -1 . As it suits well in crop rotations and intercropping patterns with good returns over capital for farmers, it also adds nitrogen to the soil. Climbing French beans will crop continually into September, but dwarf French bean plants crop only over a few weeks, so you may want to make an additional later sowing. […] You may be interested in French Beans Farming Income. 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