3. We have doctors and pharmacists making 100K plus a year that drive the same car they had in college. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://financialplan.about.com/cs/budgeting/l/blbudget.htm. Make sure you're completely clear on all terms of the lease and know what utilities you'll be paying and what payment method you'll need to use. How are spots allocated? What are the restrictions? Several months ago, I saw an advertisement on Craigslist for a reasonably priced apartment and wrote to request more information. What day is rent due? White powder behind fridge, stove, etc. Tried calling the number to resolve the issue and … Inspect tops of cabinets, behind stove/fridge, for poop. They may also require you to pay the cost to fix supplied appliances. Okay, no biggie. Check the water pressure on cold, on hot, on both, and how long it takes to get warm. Furnished Finder. We are willing to give a free extra parking space and early move in deals then. s Find Monthly Furnished Rentals! EDIT: forgot to add. Furnished Finder is rated 4.75 out of 5 stars with over 150 BBB reviews. Call the local police precinct and give them an address. We charge 100 a pop for after hours lock outs. If there is a line of white powder along the baseboards, it can mean roaches, but more likely bedbug treatment has been performed. The overall rating of the company is 2.0 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied. Make them sign it. Are you near a college campus ? Also make sure there are enough outlets in each room, and enough 3-prong ones. When selecting a provider, it is often cheaper to buy packages that include multiple services. ... as she finally recognized it was a scam. Beware of verbal agreements – having everything in writing will avoid confusion and make for an easier renting situation. When scoping out potential neighborhoods, check out the local grocery stores to get a good sense of the type of people that live in that neighborhood. See more. You basically agreeing to accept that. If the apartment is not damaged at the end of the lease, this deposit should be returned in full plus taxable interest. Can't you just have a cell installed in the apartment? 15K likes. and lastly... you will most likely deal with maintenance more often. Travel nurses & the medical staffing industry depend on us for furnished monthly rentals. This is legal, but you should be wary, and create a written agreement on how much of this deposit will be returned if you are not approved or choose to go elsewhere. Are utilities included? If the building was built before the late '70s, even if it has been painted over multiple times since, you could be at risk for lead paint issues including brain damage and developmental delays. What is the typical cost of utilities for this apartment? Also, see if you can negotiate your contract, application fee or deposit. You may also need to purchase or rent appliances. Make sure there's an Internet provider suitable to your preferences. example: if they say you can paint, get it in writing. Miscellaneous expenses will include food, toilet paper, and limited maintenance (if the carpet is stained or piece of furniture breaks). If any of those is below a 5, you're most likely in a high crime area. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the LifeProTips community. If there are red/brown stains in the corners where the ceiling meets the walls, it's bed bugs. Prices aren’t negotiable, this is federal land so unfortunately no cost accommodations can be made- you’d be living with 3 others and sharing the bathroom (next to your room!) Get an idea of the general price range of utilities such as heat and AC for the unit. Zillow may or may not have the listing but it will find the building for the address. Look up crime statistics for the area and ask the police how often they have been called to the street/complex in the last 6 months. Stipend nurses, by definition, always work on a budget which is why Furnished Finder doesn’t mark-up rent or charge booking fees. Rent: The base cost of renting your apartment/condominium/home, as stated in your lease. MAKING THE GOD DAMN PROPERTY MANAGER, LEASING AGENT OR AGENT OF MANAGEMENT WRITE DOWN EVERY LITTLE FUCKING PROMISE OR SIDE NOTE TO A LEASE THEY SPEW FROM THEIR MOUTHS. The app is available for download now in the Apple app store and in Google Play. Brokers fee, moving fees, off-site storage fees, and pet fees are also possible costs you may incur. According to their website, the creator of HomeLight.com was inspired because of his own terrible experience trying to find a real estate agent that he could trust and that was best suited to his needs. Also, are you guaranteed the same price (or lower) for the upcoming lease term? Ask what their lease breaking policy is. Read on to learn about what Craigslist scammers want, how to spot a rental scam, and additional resources to help you find research the legitimacy of a post when searching for a new home. First impressions people. Thank you! Find out who does the maintenance (some handyman, a legit company, the landlord?). I just furnished a condo: estate sales for kitchen furnishings, lap, bathroom items like rugs. Google your potential new landlord. Whether you’re looking for an apartment, or a room in an apartment, to stay in for the duration of an internship or a temporary work assignment, finding a sublet for the summer is a great way to avoid signing and breaking a 12-month lease.The following websites provide plenty of … Too many air fresheners may be an attempt to hide this. We have less demand and a higher number of vacancies. Search filters Affordable Houses, Rooms, Cottages, Apartments, and Condos for Travel Nurses and Other Professionals. Claim of affiliation with us. What happens if someone takes your spot? favorite this post Nov 24 Nice Room - UAlbany/St Rose - Available Now! Drain simultaneously and flush each toilet during. Make sure the smoke detectors work. They have 50 employees and are located in Denver, CO. According to their website, DreamTrips.com claims to be “the ultimate travel club community,” which gives people the ability to travel anytime, anywhere. Imagine signing a lease for a new apartment, only to find out when you show up to move in that the place you selected, signed and paid for was a lie. Bring a socket tester and test all outlets. Also sometimes there's a carpet not clean we are waiting to replace and it scares off a potential resident when in two days they'll have fresh carpet. We make them sign legally binding leases, its good to know they take this seriously too. Press J to jump to the feed. No cable and no internet. Ask the neighbors what the worst part of the building, street, neighborhood is. Furnished Finder is the leading source of Travel Nurse Housing. Okay, I just went through this whole thread and compiled a summary of what I feel to be the most helpful tips you glorious interfolk have posted. This could include a fitness center, laundry room, and parking space or garage. We're honest and have a move in inspection form we let the resident fill out. Once you sign that lease you are legally responsible to pay the balance unless we get it re-rented. Is there a service fee for this? I wish I could take all these other factors into account. I know I'm late to the show but I'm a property manager at a 171 unit complex so I'll chime in a bit. This may seem like a lot of money upfront, but it would have needed to been paid regardless throughout the time of your lease. Finder’s fee: This is a move in fee, but is questionable and should be avoided. Read the lease carefully and fully understand every part of it. We don't negotiate price but we do have specials we use to seal the deal. Utilities: Some utilities may be included in your rent, but others will need to be paid for separately. However, do hold it against the Property Manager if the office as a whole is dirty. one month free) for longer leases? Security deposit: The most you should pay for a security deposit is the equivalent of one or two months’ rent. Are there specials (i.e. Once you move in walk the apartment completely empty with the property management and document every little scratch stain hole knick... Everything. But if you have WiFi, service won't be an issue (assuming your phone can connect to the internet). Then I learned I only bearly got signal while standing and holding my phone up in the window. Inspect drawer under the oven and kitchen drawers. This application was designed from the ground up to be feature rich while offering a very minimalist UI. Are there blinds for the windows? 1,365 reviews for Roomster, 3.7 stars: 'I've been getting a lot of email notifications about people messaging me on the site but they are not specifically replying to my listing or post. I get pulled in a million different directions sometimes and it happens. Application fee: This is used to cover the cost of the background check. This will usually cost somewhere from $10 to $25 a month. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. (We do to area hospitals. For their members, every Friday they will launch new DreamTrips that you can choose from. (food, bars, stores, etc). Also... GET EVERYTHING NOT IN THE LEASE THE PROPERTY MANAGER IS PROMISING IN WRITING!!!!!! Furnish definition, to supply (a house, room, etc.) This also allows the landlord to raise the rent amount. Contact an experienced leasing agent for a video tour or virtual viewing … Furnished Finder. Inspect the apartment before signing. How many visitors can you have at a time & is that enough for you? Is this apartment furnished or unfurnished? We also have students driving BMWs. If not, is he easily accessible? Can they be submitted online? Furnished Finder. Walk through the complex around 8pm. An apartment with laundry facilities will save you money. See if the windows open and close easily. The lease is a written agreement between the landlord and renter. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, & more. I lost my husband in June of 2018 which was a very hard and lonely time for me. Is parking provided? (aka is it 50% of your salary? Younger vs. older? Doable.). Is there a pet fee? Ask neighbors in similar units the general price range for heating/cooling. Average income of residents ? Revisit your budget monthly and update it as needed. Wanderu.com is the online home of Wanderu, a company that says they are the simplest way to find and book bus and train travel between any two cities in the United States, and parts of Mexico and Canada. Are there restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations close by? (This PA law so def research tenant rights in your state and local city). I joined Furnished Finder in early 2018 on the recommendations from a nurse that I golfed with, and a Hospice Nurse that took care of my husband. This application was built for academic study of Reddit by providing the ability to quickly find information using a full-featured API. I'm traveling to LA and found a listing on FurnishedFinder, listed by a "verified owner." We have none. Landlords, list your place today! Personal check, money order, etc? Not only do you not have a place to live, but you're out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Fully Furnished with 3-month lease option (not required to re-new if your contract lasts longer). I'm new to the apartment scene after living on campus throughout my undergrad years. Ugh. Does the landlord live on site? If people aren't staying long, it's a bad sign. If not, the place may have a history as being unsafe. Brown or tan kernel sized paste is also used against roaches. Be wary of any musty smells that could indicate water damage. Cars doesn't mean too much. We can turn a unit in under 5 days and I know it's not the norm but we refuse to show occupied units. This site is a SCAM!!!! How is rent paid? I used to have this issue at home, my dad called AT&T and within the week we had an "M-Cell" installed. Try to get a look at as many different options in the area as possible so you can see if what they're offering is competitively priced for the size/type of unit you're seeking. Furnished Finder is a short-term housing provider for travel nurses and other business travelers who need furnished housing. Click the building or the listing. When driving around, take note of what kinds of cars are parked around, and if they're substantially different from yours, your potential new neighbors lifestyle may differ from your own. $1,000. I had a summer internship in a city I had never been in until I had moved there. Fixed Term agreements allow the renter to occupy premises for a fixed period of time, and include the date of commencement and termination. Find out the policy on smoking, pets, noise, and visitors. In fact, our services are always totally free for the travel nurse. Whether you are relocating for a job, just sold your home, or experienced damage to your existing house, Furnished Finder has thousands of furnished properties to … Furnished Finder is a short-term housing provider for travel nurses and other business travelers who need furnished housing. I completely agree. favorite this post Nov 27 Studio apt to share with gay male $0 (Hatboro) hide this posting restore restore this posting. We have already discussed the verbal agreement in one of our previous posts, make sure you check it out it’s a few minutes read. $500. If touring multiple units, take pictures of each for later comparison. This organization is not BBB accredited. Particular features (view, updated kitchen, etc. For what duration? Rental provisions that are unlawful include if they force the renter to accept blame in disputes with the landlord, permit the landlord to exert unfair leverage on the renter or taking possession of renter’s property for failure to pay rent, or free the landlord from responsibility for negligence that causes injury to the renter or guests. The last one is my own. The landlord is allowed to create whichever rules and regulations he deems fit if it is for the well being of all renters and/or the property, is nondiscriminatory and applicable to all renters, is stated clearly at the time the renter enters the rental agreement, and does not contradict lease provisions. Periodic agreements are more flexible, allowing either the renter or landlord to terminate the agreement for any reason in any month, with a minimum notice period (usually 15 days). View Entire Discussion (1 … 1. Credit Report Scams. I don't feel that people are using the site seriously or often enough to see the messages and reply in a couple days. Otherwise, you're SOL. Don't rely on a pizza guy. Don't get caught with your head in your ass bc you thought you could break the lease whenever you wanted. This should cost somewhere between $30 and $60. Facility fees: If your landlord offers additional amenities or services, you may need to pay for its use. Resort to that after you move out. They tend to be in less desirable areas and don't generate a lot of income. Am I able to control the temperature from within the apartment? In Fayetteville,NC, Family Lodge Apartments should be your first pick: near Cape Fear Valley Medical Center and the VA Hospitals. Check to see if you have a designated parking spot (and assure its cost, if any, is satisfactory). I was charged $18.95 NOT the $1.00 fee that it states on their site. Document the condition of the apartment upon initial move in. Check for cell reception. Slumlords will generally have lots of liens against them and/or have multiple properties in foreclosure. Renters insurance: This is usually not required, but definitely advisable. When a homeowner hires a contractor, they are able to ask for references. Before paying, ask if it is refundable or if it can be applied towards a security deposit. If it's just a single landlord and not a property management company, do they have someone you can call when they go on vacation and the hot water heater breaks? One bathroom. What is the typical age range of the other renters? Furnished Finder is the leading source of Travel Nurse Housing. Furnished Finder Overview Furnished Finder was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Oct 23, 2018 and since then this brand received 5 reviews. OP... Feel free to PM me if you have any questions ! Focus your search around your budget and understand some compromises may need to be made. All crime is public information. Lock out fees ? Ask leading questions like the section 8 thing. Joshua, based on your post, I'm now deeply concerned I'm signed up for a monthly subscription. That was the worst summer ever. Below are some of the best websites for finding temporary housing. If surrounding places have belongings left sitting on the porches (toys, stoves, seating, decorations), it's a good sign for little/no theft and a kid-friendly environment. What is the late fee? Were you first to give your application? Scammers may impersonate legitimate listings services, like AirBnB or HomeAway, or request that money is sent to an escrow account to make renters believe they are dealing with a legitimate entity. Complexes typically have their best deals and lowest prices from May to July, when the most people are moving out and therefore the most apartments are available. Are an application fee, security deposit, first month’s rent, and/or last month’s rent required? It was free. Always Sign A Written Lease. I would like to add a few things from my wife who inspects units for grant-assisted housing (meaning they must meet basic habitability standards for HUD): Very important one if you have young kids: look for loose/chipping paint, even around floorboards. Drive through the area at 10pm one day, 2am the next, and see what kind of activity is occurring, especially on Fri/Sat nights. Apartments in Miami, FL. Who does the apartment maintenance? If you must break the lease, what are the consequences/options? Is that pro-rated? When will the apartment become available? School Rating relate directly to Crime Rates. In particular, take a close look at the pipes, sink faucets, shower heads, water (hot and cold should come out with decent pressure), the toilet (should flush), working appliances, walls, windows, locks, fire alarms, sprinklers, and external noise. I am furnished finder "vetted" it just means that you provided ID and they looked up the property listed through public records and that ID matches the name on the property records. Janelle Sinclair Furnished Finder Landlord -Listing #187288. It's usually best to avoid living in the same building as your landlord, unless the other tenants vouch for them. 15K likes. I am furnished finder "vetted" it just means that you provided ID and they looked up the property listed through public records and that ID matches the name on the property records. Definitely ask for a discount or special. Ask about any recent or violent crimes in the area. Check your responsibilities as a tenant. If they don't have them, check the prices/quality of the nearest ones. ), Amenities (laundry facilities, fitness center, etc. emails with the property manager are common, but the maintenance staff is my lifeline. We can't answer questions about "what kind of tenants live here" due to fair housing laws. Sometimes we can't show the exact unit because it's not vacant. Look up online property records in the county you are in. Furnished Finder is perfectly equipped for travelers looking for help during their relocation needs. Whenever the person listing the property responds to an inquiry, they are 'on vacation with family' and unable to meet. Every property I have contacted listed on this site was a scam. Around signing a lease. The agreement should mention the following: the beginning and expiration date, rental price, late fees, deposit information, reasons for the landlord to terminate contract, penalties for breaking the contract, responsibilities for repairs, if subletting/subleasing is allowed (and the additional cost), and guest visitor policies. Safe neighborhood, great neighbors and lots of parking available- … Inspect tops of cabinets, behind stove/fridge, for poop. Furniture: You will need furniture to fill your new space. Also check the closest gas station late at night. Make sure the stove and oven heat up. What is their response time guarantee for after hours emergencies? Are highways and major roads easily accessed? Check to make sure you have cell phone reception. What cable and internet providers service the complex ? Once you choose a trip, their website promises that booking is easy. Scroll to the bottom of the page. High crime = Low school. Assure the unit has adequate storage space for your needs. Are pets allowed? Lease expires in July but I'm unsure if I will renew so this is just temporary should you choose to be roommate. Create an effective budget using a personal finance software such as Quicken Premier, Microsoft Money, envelopes Personal Budgeting System, or Mint.com; you can also create a worksheet or use the one found at http://financialplan.about.com/cs/budgeting/l/blbudget.htm. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE. they are promising an additional parking space for free; yup get that in writing. Thankfully, it’s never been easier to find rental properties and short-term housing solutions! Travel nurses & the medical staffing industry depend on us for furnished monthly rentals. Lots of doctors live here). You can save money by comparing policies, getting minimal coverage, having a higher deductible, ask about discounts, and paying the total annual premium in one payment rather than monthly. What is the apartment complex rating online? If they have a genuine feel to them, they will take everything personally and that's a good thing. If there's a homeowner's association, find out its rules. It will protect your belongings, shield you from liabilities, and give you peace of mind. If the leasing agent or landlord promises to do something before you move in, it needs to be written into the lease or it may not happen. If they send you your origin deposit back after the 30 days, Don't deposit the check tho! But when it comes time to buy or sell a home, you are just supposed to pick a name off a website without any understanding of their background. www.apartmentratings.com may be a useful resource. Fill all sinks/tubs. with necessary furniture, carpets, appliances, etc. Application deposit: This is money you may pay a landlord to temporarily keep an apartment off the market while your application is pending. They have a size restriction for pets but will allow your dog because she is soooo cute; make that fucker write it down on a piece of paper so they don't evict your ass in a month because neighbors are complaining. Travel nurses & the medical staffing industry depend on us for furnished monthly rentals. Advance rent: Expect to pay first month’s and possibly last month’s rent at the lease signing. If they do not, not only is that a HUD requirement, but it also indicates that the landlord may not be meeting other basic safety requirements around the property. More posts from the TravelNursing community, Press J to jump to the feed. You feel safe and the rent is affordable. Furnished Finder is excited to announce the launch of the first housing app specifically for travel nurses and the property owners who host them! I'm curious as to whether this vetting process is substantial or just something they pay for...and if anyone on here has tips for how to discern if a property is legitimate on it! I live in San Francisco. This is an excellent thread, and I wish I had read it ages ago. Are the office members amicable and intelligent? If they refuse to at least show you an actual unit, be suspicious. We don't want to invade the privacy of our residents and it's a terrible inconvenience. There's only 2 tips here: Can you afford it? Find furnished housing now! The cost of this may vary if you have furniture already, purchase new furniture, or do a rent to own. If necessary, adjust your expenses – your income should outweigh the cost of your expenses by a comfortable amount. Check the Bed Bug Registry online and ask if the building has a history of any pest problems. I messaged over a dozen people and have not gotten a single reply. I'm transitioning several STR properties to month-to-month in a desirable downtown Kansas City, MO location. Also apartment search in the winter is possible. You'll see something for 'school ratings'. Rent/water is $500 + utilities (internet + electricity at $25 + … You will have your own room (already furnished). 1st floor apartments are most convenient for thieves, and the most frequently broken into. Assure the windows are double-paned/double-glazed and in good repair if the area is cold to avoid high heating bills. room with just ONE other person. What type of lease will be signed? I'm not sure if this is categorized as a romance scam or what not, but I read over some of the messages and he was referring her to as "honey". If not, are the basic hook ups provided? Do you offer preferred employer discounts ? These utilities include hear/AC, water, electricity, cable, Internet, and telephone. Make sure the building managers or owners are local. Furnished Finder is the leading source of Travel Nurse Housing. Bring verification of income and two forms of identification, as well as a cosigner for the lease signing. Do they have children? We boast a 92 day average stay, and are major data providers for corporate housing coordinators and medical staffing companies across the US. Check the policies on resigning a lease. Corporate housing companies think that travel nurses are cash cows, but nothing can be further from the truth! I'll just play on my phone all the time. You don’t want to be charged for something that was already there. If you can meet them before hand, do it! Thank you for using Pushshift's Reddit Search Application! There was another guide for apartment searching a year ago, thX to sWiSs86 Tips for first apartment. Monthly rent is typically cheaper for long term leases. Also... don't it hold against the property manager if he or she has a messy desk. Has anyone had luck using Furnished Finder to book extended stays (over 30 days)? DreamTrips offers customized travel opportunities and valuable deals at restaurants, clubs, and hotels. The homes are either NOT on the rental market; NOT owned by the person attempting to rent them; or for rent in a legit site at a substantially higher price. Ask if they accept section 8 or convicted felons, if you care about those things. The section 8 vouchers is huge if your living in the city. It's a guideline but not much more then that. 15K likes. In case I wasn't clear. If you notice scratches on the wall, stains in the carpet, etc., document them or take pictures. Create a list of what you are looking for. Furnished Finder is the leading source of Travel Nurse Housing. After moving in many landlords require you to pay the cost of a stopped up toilet, pest infestations, and require you to shovel snow from sidewalk/mow the grass on areas around the house, or clean gutters. Tips that improve your life in one way or another. If there is a line of white powder along the baseboards, it can mean roaches, but more likely bedbug treatment has been performed. Shared Furnished 4 bedroom Apt, near Union College, Ellis,Casino, GE $540 4br - 1400ft 2 - (SCHENECTADY) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. What's the average rental time for apartments in the building? If they don't get your deposit back within 30 you are legally allowed to demand double back. Travel nurse furnished rentals. Are appliances provided, including refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, washer, and dryer? You can even search through all available experiences by the features that you decide are most im… We boast a 92 day average stay, and are major data providers for corporate housing coordinators and medical staffing companies across the US. That's important because basic maintenance requests will drag on for weeks and the repair will be shotty if done at all. Gather your documentation and enter your income and expenses. On a Fri/Sat night, or any other evening/night, are there even any available spots? Check for bus lines if that's your thing.

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