In my garden, the collared doves see off any magpies that try muscling in on their food---they are quite aggressive towards them. We get the odd magpie. We have asked them to stop and shown them the government site saying to not feed birds. I think magpies are pretty ... Neighbour feeds the birds. * Bird seed left out in damp conditions rots, grows mould and introduces disease to the birds, and can attract rats and mice. Where have my sparrows gone please? The misdemeanours carry fines and surcharges that total slightly more than US$1000 ($1410). Drama between folks living next to one another can (and does) arise over pretty much anything and everything. If she hasn't could you find some excuse to buy her one as a present and get her interested in encouraging the songbirds - that might make her less keen to feed the predators. Luckily it had a bit of a tussle with the curtain and went straight out again. Thanks humptydumpty! It is really annoying when people feed birds in an irresponsible way and they never will be told. Neighbour Feeding Magpies! If you feed birds, you probably unwittingly feed rats too. People tend to blame cats for the decrease, and they do take some responsibility, but I know the magpies kill a lot of the baby birds. Some people feed magpies dry dog biscuits. . On paper. Since they cause us damage more than good, we can’t really show them any kind of appreciation.Resourceful – Magpies can find food an… We have no magpies at all but some areas in our town are plagued by gulls - herring gulls I think. Close • Posted by 1 hour ago. OH DEAR. There are stories of befriending magpies in our backyards, of being welcomed home to Australia by a magpie’s song, and, of course, being swooped. - Their presence tends to be more obvious in the spring and summer when the young are noisy and when we spend more time outdoors. I am kidding, seriously. They belong in the woods opposite not our garden.We have parakeets & magpies too plus a heron & sometimes a sparrowhawk. Not Answered 21 days ago. December 28, 2019 | Reply. They are nesting in the tree across from our house, not near hers. They never catch them though.If a seagull happens to land, the cats hide behind the patio curtains, so brave !The crows and their noise are a nuisance here at times you can't hear yourself speak.. What is the Local Council stance on magpies, in view of their increase and destructive habits?Maybe they have a programme of shooting them if they are regarded as pests. I don't suppose they will make any worse a job of being 'top dogs' for a while than we have. 60% Upvoted. Near where I live folk constantly let their dogs off the leash on part of the river which has the bank exposed because of ill-thought out work on flood defenses. You must stop feeding pigeons, squirrels, foxes,magpies etc. Lounge. Our neighbour used to feed the pigeons. He kills magpies if they try to invade our garden and leaves the song birds alone.Mention to your neighbour that the magpies are killing the song birds in your garden and attacking your cat, so you feel they are getting too bold.People seem to know so little about wild life these days that she probably just thinks they are lovely looking birds, which they are, and doesn't realise that they are birds of prey. A GROUP of neighbours hope three magpie chicks they rescued after a recent storm will soon return to their tribe. And yes, I have always fed birds etc and shall continue to do so, despite what some fools might say ;-).

neighbour feeding magpies

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