Meanwhile, heat olive oil in large skillet on medium. Living on a student budget and being someone who LOVES good food, I hate how expensive it can be at times to live on a taste-bud satisfying vegan diet – I loved how yummy AND CHEAP this was to make!! I’d suggest reading back through some of the comments to check out other readers’ suggestions! Recently I made tacos with ground nuts from the Beauty Detox book and they were so good! So I tried this recipe and it was not good. What a nice variation :) was it basil pesto? I doubled the recipe and, three days later, am still finding ways to use it. I’m so happy to hear this recipe hit the spot. a big thumbs up from my family! My non-vegan fiancé approved. This was so amazingly delicious!! I like cauliflower and when mixed with garlic, I know I’ll love this so much I may even turn on an Italian (er, one can wish!) Really gave a depth of flavor that you don’t get using cashews or tofu (what I’ve used before). This vegan alfredo sauce makes 6 cups total. Too bad :(. I love being able to have comfort food that is healthy. I made it with only minor changes: (a) I steamed the cauli, simply because I could use the rice cooker for that and not tie up a burner; (b) I used a potload more garlic, and skipped the garlic powder; (c) I added half of a large sweet onion to the saute, and skipped the onion powder; (d) I doubled the lemon juice to brighten the flavor; (e) I decided that the subtleties of a nice sea salt would be lost in a sauce this intense, so I used ordinary salt. This recipe is brilliant! Have you ever tried bean pasta? For my picky alfredo addict teenage daughter – used 2% instead of almond milk, Parmesan instead of yeast, and Banza chick pea pasta – DELICIOUS!!! Dried shitake mushroom also makes the most AMAZING homemade vegetable broth. Cauliflower is always one of those veggies I forget about but it’s so good…thank you for reminding me! Hey Leanne,Congrats on your vegan challenge going so well! This sauce looks delicious. I made it tonight, and we enjoyed it. I have been searching for oil, nut free recipes and this is by far the best! My family really, really enjoyed it, and actually preferred it over dairy version. Mine doesn’t look as creamy, but it tasted amazing. So happy it was a hit :). Hey Jen, it’s so great to hear that the dish was a hit at your dinner party!! I will tweak the milk next time to make it a bit less thick. Thanks for the divine recipe. Next time I make it I will cut back on the pepper. I have recommended it to countless people as well. :). :) Thanks for following up! I had heard you could do a lot of amazing things with cauliflower, but was always a bit doubtful. It was the first time using that setting following the recipe as is and it was incredible. I am newly vegan so insert me completely lost. I am obsessed with your blog!! Easy Creamy Cauliflower alfredo Sauce Recipe. I was looking for a recipe to use cauliflower in and I stumbled across yours. I think this is a match made in foodie heaven! Although we ordinarily do eat dairy products, we have a family member whose irritable bowel seems to be helped by avoiding milk — so this will be a particularly nice recipe to have in the repertoire. I’d say it’s a win-win. The nutritional yeast provided some of the flavor richness that one would have gotten from cheese, and probably was a lot of the reason this tasted like an Alfredo sauce rather than just like cauliflower puree. Omg-major on the yumminess!!! My boyfriend will enjoy. Angela – your writing style is not only genuine and brilliant but also hilarious! Healthy vegan fettuccine alfredo! I sent the recipe to my friend and she also made it and put it over spaghetti squash noodles. I am so happy you enjoy the blog so much. Thank you for providing good tasting whole food recipes. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the recipe, Vicki! ( Offers may be subject to change without notice. Has anyone tried this with frozen cauliflower? I do eat fish and this was awesome over salmon (tasted like the caper sauce I had at a fancy French restaurant) but I imagine over seasoned tofu it would be just as amazing, which is what I am trying next. I’m obsessed with Peanut Better Balls. As a long-time vegan, about 20 years now, I’ve found a couple delicious cashew “cheese” sauces over the years and while I love them, the high calories are something to be aware of. Thanks! It looks and sounds scrumptious! We absolutely love this recipe ! Thank you for this recipe! And I love that Eric asked to make it together for Valentines Day! This recipe is SO DELICIOUS ! Does anyone have any advice? I also added mushrooms, but I really liked them in the dish. Thanks alot! Hi Angela, I have been one of your (many) fans for just over 2 years. Currently eating this sauce with a spoon. Just added this to my menu for the week! :). Thanks for a great recipe! I just added some vegetable broth powder after tasting to try to chance the aftertaste but it did not help. I really like this but I would cut down on amount of garlic next time. Honestly, I’m a not a vegan in the slightest, but this sounds really good. I have been on a cauliflower-mash kick and this looks just as yummy. I’ve made this several times and adore it. Thank you! Thanks Angela, my husband loved this too! the texture. It was so creamy, flavorful and easy to make! :). However, I tried this recipe last week and the consistency and flavor were outstanding! My one year old, three year old and I all thought it was delicious! :). And hopefully my new Vitamix will help as well :). I just made this dish for my family–absolutely delicious! I’ve had a hard time finding nutritional yeast. So healthy and creamy! Hi! Decadent? Cauliflower just went on sale this week so I’m gonna make a double batch and freeze half :). This is so amazing! I used a normal old blender and coconut creamer to blend. Thank you! The only other change was adding more garlic – because I <3 garlic :) I will definitely make this healthy-but-feels-indulgent dish again! Thanks so much! I finished the dish with spinach, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and squash. Made this for my non vegan family Sunday. I should add that I’m down 25 lbs and have improved my cholesterol numbers :). EatingWell may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. This was fantastic. It wouldn’t be as creamy for sure, but I’m not sure on the taste as I haven’t tried it before. What resulted is the best vegan Alfredo … My fiance and I haven’t been vegan for very long (a few months I believe) so we still remember the taste of regular alfredo… and I have to say, we both prefer the vegan version!!! (cruelty-free), Perfect Little Pumpkin Cookies with Spiced Buttercream. I ended up sauteing onion, NZ/perpetual spinach and brown button mushrooms and making it with what I had and tossing it in with brown spaghetti. I was amazed by how cauliflower could be transformed into this creamy sauce. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I don’t really care for the taste of it and I’ve never been a big fan of cheese-based sauces anyways. 21 gm of protein per serving! Every time, it’s delicious. I made this recipe today, followed all the instructions but mine turned out too bland to my taste. Vegan alfredo is the best of both worlds! Heat over low-medium until heated through. My meat eating father came back for seconds. My husband had no idea. Hi Angela, I was wondering if I could use Amy food processor because I don’t have a blender? do u think this sauce would freeze well? this was FANTASTIC! Kindly additionally visit my site =). I don’t have any at my house, but still want to try it. This looks so amazing, I am going to make it this weekend! :). Thank you for the awesome recipes :). ), I was so nervous it would turn out tasting watery or grainy. Thank you so much for everything you do!! I added some of the tofutti cream cheese to it and it melted very well and gave it a creamier texture I thought. I love using cauliflower to make things creamy, sooo much better than butter annnd veggies for the win!! (As I sort of was a newb in 2012 and just did it to say I did it, barely was my results :P) Going to make this tonight! :). Just made this and was really nervous. ?” I actually said it out loud and dunked my pinkie back in Just to make sure it wasn’t my imagination! I am making this tonight. Thanks for the recipe! I find with this sauce it’s important to taste it after it has been mixed into the pasta, as pasta can “dilute” flavours quite a bit. I can’t wait to make this!! Anyways, I made this recipe and invited friends over to test it out with me. This was so amazing, Angela. Isn’t cauliflower immensely versatile?!!? … It tasted just like regular alfredo, but without the heavy feeling or the guilt! And what can I say? I’m glad the “alfredo” hit the spot. Thanks! AMAZING. Thanks for sharing :), There aren’t enough stars for how incredibly delicious, luscious, and comforting this alfredo is!!! I added peas and parsley as a garnish, but didn’t care for the parsley so will leave that out next time. I altered the recipe a little by adding the vegan buttery stick for richness and vegan pesto for flavor. I am such a huge fan of your blog and your recipes have really helped me in my journey to becoming vegan! :) Thanks for reading! I’d hate to waste it. Author: Vegan Richa. I kid you not, my lactose intolerant/gluten free partner just asked me to make him a version of this dish last week and it totally slipped my mind until I checked in to your blog. I also like to add a few pinches of nutmeg. I am really looking forward to trying this recipe. So glad the recipe was a hit. This vegan fettuccine alfredo tastes decadent, but the creamy sauce is filled with healthy plant based ingredients. Trying to do some pre baby meal prep :). It was a pretty amazing sausage gravy if you ask me. I find it amazing that it tastes nothing like cauliflower (how?). That is so good and creamy that I think it beats regular by a landslide. Angela….This recipe was AMAZING! Thank you! The taste is as good, if not better, than the real cheese version. wow. Not too difficult to make and except for purchasing the Nutritional Yeast specifically for this, more items you likely have on hand or will use them for more than just this recipe. I’ll admit to being skeptical…until I tasted this! Will definitely make again! ommyomm! Definitely adding this recipe to the rotation. Can you make this with a cheap blender? It was sooooooo GOOD. :). Wow, that was awesome! Toss some shrimps or scallops for the non-vegan. I don’t have to tell you, I know, how crazy good and unbelievable this recipe is, but the little hint of toasty flavor put it over the top. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS RECIPE! * It’s very important that you use an unsweetened and unflavoured non-dairy milk in this recipe (nothing with vanilla or added sugar, please!). Thanks for the wonderful recipe ideas! This one is definitely a keeper. I added garlic sauteed button mushrooms and chopped bock choy. I totally would have added mushrooms as well if I had any on hand. Thanks for good food and inspiration! I didn’t have garlic or onion powder so I just used 5 garlic cloves instead of 2, and sauteed it with one small minced onion. It was still good and I will make it again. On my first try I was eating in 25 minutes. Thanks again. Never thought cauliflower could taste so creamy! I look forward to making this yummy dish it sounds great! I’m not a vegan, but I do work a lot of vegan meals into the meal rotation with my husband because I’m trying to be healthier overall. And: Wow! I LOVE the name you gave to this recipe and your photography makes me want to reach into the screen and try a bite of your vegan Fettucine Alfredo! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Spinach and mushrooms sound like great additions, Chelsea! Vegan Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce is rich, creamy and packed full of nutrition. My 5 and 7 year old kids gobbled it up and asked to have the leftovers packed in their lunches the next day. Not a hit with my family. With fresh greens coming out in the garden, this is perfect way to fold them in without cooking them to death. Someone added a bit of ground nutmeg and fried aubergine, and someone else a bit of veggie stock and ground sage.) Just wanted to let you know and everyone else that this delicious sauce freezes beautifully. In any case, it was absolutely delicious and my non-veg mom said she’d even eat it for dinner! Delicous. I found your website when looking for some meatless recipes for my 21 year old vegetarian /vegan daughter for when she comes home for the weekend from college. I’ve just seen the reply above. I like nutritional yeast, but I want to make this recipe for my mom & she isn’t vegan so it weirds her out a bit haha. Thanks for your great feedback :). This was delicious! I think I might try this for dinner tonight! This recipe is fantastic! And even though with vegan versions you lose the butter, cream and parmesan, you often end up using vegan butter and blended cashew nuts as replacements which ends up packing in the calories. But this does sound REALLY good =), Omg that looks so amazing, i make mine with cashews, Hello Angela! My daughter is a vegetarian and I am always searching for recipies the whole family likes. I will have to make it! This recipe was amazing. This looks great? I just wanted to say thank you for all of your delicious recipes. I have sent to a friend of mine who can’t eat a heck of a lot, due to allergies, but this he can have on his treat days…. I added peas and toasted gluten free bread crumbs on top for a nice crunch factor! I just made this and it was overall kind of boring.. mainly tasted of garlic. It was a welcome change from cafeteria food. I think you are right about including some peas in the final presentation. Delicious! My daughter sent me a “cream” of cauliflower soup recipe a while back and we loved it & I thought at the time that cauliflower could be the secret to a “cream” sauce. So cool! Especially for a non-cook like me. (I also made the banana blueberry buckwheat pancakes for breakfast, and I always have cashew cream in my fridge). My 15 year old son said the sauce tasted funny and didn’t finish it. However, my brother who is visiting from Ottawa loves it. :) So happy you are enjoying my recipes Becky! The only thing that I had to adjust a bit was to add more liquid since the original recipe wasn’t liquidy enough for my taste. I served it, again, on top of my garlic smashed potatoes. It freezes great. Awesome! This vegan “alfredo” sauce tastes decadent, yet is super light and energizing thanks to the sneaky cauliflower base! :). Just started my journey on eating to improve my health and I’m so happy I found this recipe that will now be a staple in my home. Looks delicious! Avoiding dairy seems to be using nuts and as I read about cashews the oxalate is not good for kidney concerns. We are going vegan for three months to see if it will lower by husbands cholesteral. Instructions. AMAZING and super delicious! But I have to notice that it has nothing in comon with the original italian “Pasta Alfredo” which is just Pasta with butter and parmigiano. I’m so excited to have a cauliflower based go-to sauce now. Made this tonight for my 3 year old and I. So filling! I’m so happy I did, it’s fantastic. Vegan Cauliflower Fettuccine Alfredo | This Vegan Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce while lighter in calories than traditional sauce, is still deliciously creamy and full of flavor! This LOOKS just as good as the dairy kind, which I never eat because it always makes you feel so terrible after. I have overdone it with cashew alfredo so this would be a wonderful change! Thanks for the recipe! This is my favorite vegan recipe so far. and there I was, hovering over the saucepan (I blended in a food processor and then put back in the sauce pan and then added spices by taste) anyways, and there I was, hovering over the saucepan dipping hunks of rosemary bread into what is now referred to as liquid gold. Love your blog and can’t wait for the book! So creamy and flavorful. Lovely recipe. Hey Sue, I’m so happy to hear that this one is a hit! oh my!! Thank you Angela for your amazing recipes and inspiring us to eat better. Your creativity makes being vegetarian/vegan EASIER and your photos are beautiful. Amazing!!! :). It will definitely be on regular rotation at my house. Unbelievably rich and creamy, this easy vegan Alfredo is bound to become a favorite. That’s really sad that you’re still searching, BUT, you will find what’s right for you. Really creamy, savoury and surprisingly versatile. We could have I wanted something that would go with your vegan caesar salad that was comforting, but not so heavy because it’s summer. Made this tonight for dinner with my hubby! Do you prefer the cauliflower sauce over the cashew cream sauce? What’s the story with nutritional yeast? It's here.. pumpkin season! Please let me know if you try it out. I added broccoli which they tolerate and mushrooms, which they don’t. It was so good I included this recipe and another one of your posts in to my blog yesterday. I assume you will boil or steam the cabbage before? I didn’t tell them it was cauliflower until dinner was over (lots of shocked faces). I ended up slicing some potatoes and making scalloped potatoes with the sauce. Hi, Rhubarbarians! It doesn’t make you feel heavy either. Hi I made it last night and enjoyed it but was wondering if anyone has substituted the milk with veggie or chicken stock? Thank you for sharing this recipe. I made this recipe and thought it was delicious. Yum! Susan. Loved it!! Be sure to use unsweetened and unflavoured milk. I had to add a bunch of hot sauce to make it edible. I am a big fan of garlic so it was perfect for me. I added green peas, instead of the mushrooms, and it worked really well with the pasta (Eden’s Artichoke fettucini-style pasta) and sauce. Thanks for your help! Made it, ate too much of it, loved it! This sounds amazing – sadly i’m a poor hobo sans high speed blender, but I do have a food processor. Wow! I made it for dinner last night for me and my boyfriend and we loved it. Alfredo! I truly cannot believe how much you can’t tell that this is cauliflower! #momwin Thank you! I will not be making this again. most of your wonderful recipes in your cookbook (sooo good!!!) (The Vitamix should have exceeded my expectations considering the amount of $$coin$$ I spent on it). We do too ;). Texture wise, it’s perfect. We served it with oven roasted broccoli and it was perfection. This looks divine, I just love cauliflower especially in a creamy sauce. I remember when it first came out. Love. Thanks! I bought a massive 11.5 pound oversized Amish cauliflower today and had no idea how to tackle this bad boy until I found your recipe. This absolutely devine. Thank you so much. I’ve purchased your book and can’t wait for it to arrive. gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan recipe, vegetarian, vegan alfredo sauce #veganalfredosauce #caulifloweralfredosauce #veganfettuccineialfredo via @VNutritionist I used unsweetened coconut milk (Silk) so no issue with using that alternative. I loved the website and the personal stories from Angela!! I am delightful with this recipe!! In case anyone sees this – I was sadly out of nutritional yeast (bad vegan) when I made this last night. I just made this and…YUMMY! The nutritional yeast lends this sauce a rich "cheesy" flavour, while the blended cauliflower … What sort of mushrooms did you use? I love all the cauliflower recipes that I’ve been seeing lately! A high-speed blender will give you the creamiest results. I just added some wilted spinach and some fresh basil leaves. Has anyone tried using coconut milk instead of the almond milk? Five stars. There’s so much leftover sauce that I’ll be having it again tomorrow :). Total Time 1 hr 40 mins. Thanks!!! I made it without the oil and sauteed in water instead. thanks again, Francesca :-) x. I made this last night! One dish I like to do is make mash with cauliflower instead of potatoes as a lower cal alternative. Just made this for supper and it is really delicious! Last night, though, I roasted the cauliflower and garlic instead of boiling it and it gave it an awesome flavor! hahaha! My meat-loving husband is a big fan as well and was shocked when I told him it was cauliflower. I’ve made it a few times so today I’m going to double and freeze half since I’m having a baby anytime now! :), Oh my gosh Angela – that was amazing !!! The texture is velvety even though I used a food processor. The next night I made rice and beans. I’ll have to try this! How long can the sauce keep in the frig? I upped the lemon juice and nutritional yeast a bit because I had a larger head of cauliflower. You continue to inspire me with these amazing recipes! X. I just added a bit more salt and it was excellent. I started myself on a vegan challenge January 1. Just goes to show how it’s totally possible to have tasty food that is completely healthy. It was fabulous! No good for the waist line or the heart, but this is a fantastic idea. I just want to say: I love your recipes… :) Good luck good luck! You are a genius Ms. Heat the oil in a frying pan and cook the garlic over medium-high heat for about 3 to 4 minutes or until golden brown. In admiration of your blog I called it “Oh Yes, She Glows” And it is so creamy…Delicious. This time, I made it more mac-and-cheese style by combining the sauce with elbow pasta, roasted broccoli, halved cherry tomatoes, and a bunch of chopped pickled jalapeno from my friend’s garden, then baked it at 350 for 10 minutes. This stuff is definitely a crowd pleaser! Made this last night! (Instead I added some nutmeg, which was nice). This looks really good, but then I enjoyed your smoky butternut squash mac-n-cheez (when in doubt, nutritional yeast = BIG YUM). Made it for my spaghetti squash last night. Huge thumbs up! I added some sautéed spinach per your recommendation. We are OBVS fans of pasta over here. Though I never expected it to taste exactly like alfredo (and I hoped it wouldn’t be so heavy! Thank you Angela for another winner!!! Girlfriend, I am reading this recipe at the coffee shop, and my jaw has dropped in complete surrender. Wow so happy I stumbled upon this :). I just tried this recipe, not only is it easy but it is unbelievably DELICIOUS!!! a hyperlink trade contract between us. Thank u for this recipe. You are kind of a genius. Tips for Making Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo Ingredients. For the cauliflower Alfredo sauce, place the cauliflower, garlic cloves, vegetable broth, and vegan heavy cream or coconut milk in a large frying pan or saucepan, and bring to a simmer over … We are trying out a plant-based diet and are very new to this so far. Loved this! Yes. I found it so-so. I’d suggest reading back through some of the comments to check out other readers’ suggestions. I am very excited to make this! I will absolutely be making this again. This looks AMAZING! Does your blender normally have trouble blending sauces? Thank you so much Angela :) Thank you so much for this beautiful recipe x x, Dear Angela, I’m so glad I got through the tough part at the beginning when you don’t know what the hell to eat. Wow, I am SO making this for my fam this week! I’m constantly proving people wrong that vegans don’t just eat salads every day and it’s all because of you! That was fast!! I also added some nutmeg and accidentally used almond vanilla flavour milk instead of plain — it was delicious. My roommates and I made this fettuccine alfredo last night as part of our Women’s World Cup viewing party! We put fresh spinach and it was superb!

vegan cauliflower fettuccine alfredo

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