Questions About Your Personal Check? Here’s What to Expect

Personal background checks provide valuable insights that can help you in both personal and professional capacities. While the words “background check” may inspire thoughts of fingerprint collection, long wait times, and inconvenient communication with third parties, the process of obtaining a personal background check is actually very simple and painless.

Here is what you can expect:

Your Process

1. Choose Your Package

Peopletrail offers three packages that range in scope. For the most basic needs, individuals will choose the bronze package. For the most depth and detail, the Gold package is the way to go. 

You can find more information on packages here.

2. Provide Your Information

Once you select your package, you will fill out a quick form, providing information such as your SSN, DOB, and current address. This information will be used by us to retrieve criminal record data and verify results.

First, you provide your information, electronically sign the disclosures and authorizations, provide payment credentials, then you will submit your request and your background check will be underway.

3. Receive Your Results

In as little as 1 to 2 business days, most individuals will receive their completed background screening report. If you have any questions about your report, our customer support team would be happy to assist.

Our Process

1. Receive Your Information

Once you submit the information on your end, your file is submitted to a queue and picked up by a dedicated researcher who will oversee the completion of your report.

2. Verify Your Name and Address History

The researcher will then verify your identity and address history by submitting the information provided to a large nationwide database.

3. Retrieve Criminal Data from Nationwide Database

The information will then be compared against a number of exclusion lists and criminal databases, signaling to the researcher when potential matching records are found.

4. Verify Criminal Information (Depending on Package)

For those who order the gold package, all potential records will be further verified at the county level. County criminal courts are the best source of accurate information.

5. Manually Check Information for Inaccuracies

Once all information is returned, the researcher will take a final look at the report, pinpointing any inaccuracies before completion.

Get Actionable Insights With the Help of Consumer Credentials

Aside from curiosity and personal interest, there are several reasons why one may seek out a personal background check. Here are a few of the big ones:

Identity theft protection: Gain visibility into whether your personal identifier information is being used in an unauthorized way. 

Awareness of non-expunged records: Some records that have been dismissed for a period of time are eligible for expungement. Being aware of what may be on your record can be key in getting unnecessarily damaging items removed.

Demonstrate Proactivity to an employer: Attaching a personal background check to your resume or providing a copy before an interview can demonstrate responsibility and professionalism that may win you brownie points with a potential employer.

For more information on how to obtain a personal background check, visit us online today.

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