Preparing for a (Successful) Job Interview

It isn’t any secret that the general employment landscape of early-mid 2022 favors the job seeker.

However, that’s no reason to be cavalier about your job search. It may be the perfect time to set your sights higher than ever before.

But as you raise the bar concerning your list of preferred jobs, you can count on a higher expected standard from the employer. Better job opportunities mean you will likely have to put more thought and effort into your interview than in the past.

Here are some valuable tips…

3 Steps to Success – Simple and Effective

We all know the basics of job interview etiquette; show up on time, be presentable, be polite, etc. Frankly, if any of these are still choke points, you may want to dial back a bit on the job hunt until they can be resolved.

Most job-seekers pursuing higher-responsibility positions are competing at a fairly even level. These candidates can benefit tremendously from just a small edge.

For such individuals, these three tips are game-changers.

1. Do Your Research on the Company and Position

This will require no more than 20 minutes of your time. Here is the research checklist we would recommend. At a minimum:

  • Read the entire company website “home” page
  • Read the entire company website “about us” page (or equivalent)
  • Answer the question, “What seems to be the goal of this organization?”
  • Figure out how you can contribute to this goal within your desired position
  • Do a quick Redditt search on what to expect when taking on similar roles
  • Think of some simple ways you can communicate these things during your interview

Trust us, this will end up being a productive 20 minutes.

2. Be Honest on Your Resume

Studies have shown that up to 78 percent of job applicants are dishonest on their resumes. Not only can resume dishonesty put your reputation at risk, but it can also leave you in a bind if you find yourself in a position you’re not entirely qualified or prepared for. Create your resume with the utmost integrity. 

The same honesty is urged during your interview. Hiring managers like to see transparency, humility, and healthy confidence. If you are asked about a particular job duty you don’t have much experience with, tactfully communicate that while emphasizing how you plan to overcome any deficiencies. Employers are tired of candidates who talk a big game and then fail to deliver. Being honest and transparent will benefit you more in the long run.

No need to overthink. Just be honest.

3. Go the Extra Mile

One thing you can do to make an impact on a potential employer is to provide a personal background check with your job application or resume. While many employers have their own pre-employment screening protocols, your initiative in demonstrating your trustworthiness and desire for the position will speak volumes. That simple action may be more valuable than anything you say during the interview.

Personal background checks normally run between $15-$60 and can be used to your advantage in any interview you have within about a year of the order date. For the committed job-seeker, it’s money well-spent.


Even though the current job market generally favors the employee, it is no reason to give a lazy effort in pursuit of your desired position. There is still competition and reputation is still as important as ever.

Take some time and learn more about the company you are interested in working with. Tactfully communicate that knowledge with your hiring manager. Be honest about your qualifications, skills, and abilities. It does no good to be untruthful. Lastly, demonstrate initiative and professionalism by including a personal background check with your job application/resume. This is a small action that will communicate to your employer that you are serious about the position, confident in yourself, and willing to go above and beyond. As a result, bridges of trust will likely be built from the very beginning.

Enjoy your new job!

For more information, feel free to visit us online.

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