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Protect against identity theft, uncover possible inaccuracies, and see what potential employers will see. Order your personal background check today for quick and easy insights.

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Determine how your online profiles look to potential employers.
you should know what's on your record

Before Anyone Else

Do you know with certainty what’s on your criminal record? How about your credit report? When it comes to the latter, up to 1 in 3 people are met with a surprise.

Nine out of ten employers will conduct a background check on their new hires and lenders are quick to check credit history before approving a loan. Don’t be caught off guard by something they find. Know for yourself beforehand so you can eliminate uncertainty and increase your confidence.

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Criminal Background Checks and Credit Reports

Consumer Credentials (a Peopletrail brand) is an online, consumer background check service that has provided actionable insights to thousands of individuals across the nation.

We also partner with business organizations, providing them with screening solutions for their new hires, and have been doing so since 1994. Our personal background checks come backed with decades of experience, PBSA accreditation, and globally-recognized quality management.

Do you have expungable records?

Even if you were convicted of a crime as a juvenile or have dismissed records of any kind, they can still be visible. To get eligible records expunged, it will require action from you.

Are you facing identity theft?

Identity theft doesn't often become known until damage has been done. Our social security trace will help you see any potentially suspicious activity so you can avoid problems.

Are your social profiles meeting the mark?

Many hiring managers make it a common practice to check up on a candidate's social media profiles before extending an offer. Let us show you exactly what they can see.

The process is simple

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To Obtain Your Criminal History Record

There is still some mystery when it comes to personal background checks. The truth is, screening companies like Consumer Credentials make it easy and affordable to obtain the information you need— often the exact same (or more) information the FBI has access to. Individuals and companies have been turning to private companies like us for years to deliver, quicker, accurate, and actionable background checks. No fingerprints necessary.

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Stand Out Among The Bunch

Including an online background report with your job application or resume is a quick and easy way to gain an edge over others in your job hunt. Hiring managers love candidates who show initiative.

The good news is, it’s easy to run an individual background check on yourself. Consumer Credentials can help.


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Consumer Credentials is a great background check service. Fast and easy. I was able to find a record that was eligible for expungement.


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