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We have been offering background checks for Employers & Businesses for over 25 years.

Peopletrail has been providing employment background screening services to businesses and government since 1994, with the executive team bringing in years of industry experience extending before 1994. This invested experience brings the organization strength and expertise, which translates into expedited, accurate reporting and compliance support for your individual needs. 

Our background checks for employers are trusted and known throughout the world. Make the right choice hiring decision since every position within your company is critical to your business’s success. We maintain industry standards and strict guidelines when processing background checks.

Compliance & Credibility

We pride ourselves on knowing that we provide our clients timely and accurate background and screening services and educate partners on compliance. We have a clear understanding of the compliance issues and regulations facing various industries. Our screening specialists will tailor the background screening reports according to your unique environment and provide customized solutions to meet your hiring goals.

Credibility isn’t an attribute purchased through an educational program or framed in a certificate as an industry member. Credibility is a personal or corporate evaluation of trusted and accurate performance over time. It is hard-earned and is consistently reviewed under a microscope over time. Peopletrail is proud to have served hundreds of businesses in the United States and the rest of the world and feels honored to maintain a high level of credibility over the years.

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Screening types

We offer a range of screening products. A few popular ones are listed below. 

  • Criminal Background checks
  • Identity Checks
  • Verifications
  • Driving Records
  • Drug and health screening
  • Form i9 Verification
  • Finical and credit
  • Candidate experience
  • Extended workforce
  • Executive intelligence
  • Global Screening

We also offer customer screening services. Talk to our sales specialist to discuss your custom check requirements.