Federal Background Check

Comprehensive Federal Background Check For Individuals

A federal government background check and screening for employment through U.S. federal courts. Our world-class federal database and federal drug screening service deliver a quick, accurate, and complete federal criminal records for individuals. Order your personal federal background check report today.

What is a Federal Background Check For Employment?

A federal check is carried out by employers to collect records, including case documents that are held by federal criminal courts. Checks can cover all federal districts in a specified area or specific districts. Searches can be a multi-state or single state. Federal background checks are routinely clubbed with country or state level background screenings for a more comprehensive candidate profile.

Federal checks are a valuable component of the employer’s vetting process because a candidate’s fitness can only be judged by verifying critical information. These checks uncover information regarding employment history, federal criminal history, and pending lawsuits.

At the most basic level, a federal check will include civil and federal criminal history checks. These checks are designed to ensure that each candidate that gets hired is trustworthy and reliable with good character and conduct.

What does a federal government background check uncover?

Federal government background checks can reveal federal drug screening, criminal offenses, such as robbery and kidnapping. They can also uncover sensitive information about illegal dealings in firearms or sexual exploitation of minors. People trying to purchase guns have to undergo a background screening by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Federal background check for employment offer information about cases that get prosecuted at national courts. All federal crimes get prosecuted in district courts or trial courts. They may be appealed in United States appellate courts. This means that records can come from both appellate courts and district courts.

These checks can uncover details regarding fraud, robbery, tax evasion, embezzlement, and white-collar offenses. Federal background checks are routinely used by hiring managers, employers, and landlords to vet prospective candidates.

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Who needs a Federal Criminal Check?

Federal background screenings are usually requested for public sector employees, such as law enforcement officials. They tend to be part of a comprehensive employee screening for government jobs. However, these checks are becoming increasingly commonplace in the banking and financial sectors.

In fact, applicants for a banking position will need to undergo a federal criminal background check if they will be dealing with sensitive financial information and other relevant data. Additionally, employers may use federal screening before agreeing to hire high-level individuals and executives. This is especially true for people working with older adults and children in the healthcare sector or the medical field.

Other areas where federal criminal background checks are ideal include C-level executives, CPA, public sector employees, financial and banking staff, and all other employees with access to sensitive financial information.

Different elements of National Background Screening

Federal background screening can be specific or broad-range. They typically include information regarding felony convictions and criminal records. However, they may also include details specific to clearing an employee for a government position. Almost all federal screenings provide the applicant’s arrest record. This consists of the date of arrest, the period of the alleged offense, charges, and the time spent in law enforcement custody.

Federal background checks may also include records involving crimes committed on crossed state lines or state property. Other elements of the average federal check include employment history, listed lawsuits, fraud, embezzlement, white-collar crimes, capital punishments, tax evasion, kidnapping, robbery, illegal dealings in firearms, and sex offenses against children.

Federal Drug Screening – Employers of CDL drivers test for marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and PCP.

What is the difference between Nationwide Criminal History Search & National Criminal Database Search?

Federal criminal history searches include checks for all criminal offenses prosecuted in the federal courts of the United States. They are vastly different from the national criminal database search that usually includes court records from state, tribal territories, and counties.

It is important not to confuse federal screening with national background searches. The federal criminal background check is for federal crimes, like kidnapping, robbery, tax evasion, white-collar crimes, and counterfeiting. Conversely, national background check is for court records from all over the country and may include federal crimes.