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Verify your social security number and validate your identity. This is the best Instant SSN Verification Background Check Service to run on yourself when you have to give proof of your identity. All three of our Bronze, Silver, and Gold checks. Offer an instant SSN screening with multiple levels of details.

Government organizations and professional entities require SSN verification for identification confirmation.

What is a SSN Verification Check?

An SSN verification is a search of more than 190 million consumer records in the credit bureau files. The social security number search or verification warns when a Social Security number may never have been issued, may have been issued to a person who has been reported deceased, currently being used by other individuals (lists up to four names using the number), or has been issued so recently that the number may belong to a child. Basically, the SSN check is the verification of the current status of the identity of an individual.

A Million-Dollar Question!

Can I look up my Social Security Number Online?

The short answer is YES! You can perform an online search and find out your SSN. However, you will need to go through a qualified company or agency authorized to perform your SSN search. Remember, not all websites and agencies can conduct an SSN report on you as per the FCRA laws. A Consumer Reporting Agency, (CRA) is an authorized provider of this information, and hence only an authorized CRA is allowed to provide you with the results.

Can employers verify SSN?

Yes, in fact, an additional feature of the Social Security Number verification is the reporting of any addresses associated with the Social Security Number for credit application purposes. Many employers utilize this information to determine if the applicant as truthfully supplied all relevant residential address history on the employment application. Addresses revealed by the Social Security Number verification, but not supplied by an applicant, may be used to expand a criminal record search. These undisclosed addresses may lead to a criminal conviction record the applicant has attempted to shield from a prospective employer.

Frequently asked questions

A potential employer/Landlord or an organization pulling your credit may want to perform a Social Security Validation.

Usually, individuals who do not have a valid Social Security Number (SSN) will purchase a stolen SSN either on the street or from an organized crime ring that provides fake identifications or unauthorized government documentation.

If your personal Social Security Number fails to verify, either it has been incorrectly entered or you will need to contact the Social Security Administration to determine if there is a problem with your government-issued Social Security Number.

In most cases, this is an instant search returned within a few seconds of ordering the search.

Only valid Social Security Numbers (SSN) or Federal Employer Identification Numbers (FEIN) are generally required to set up a bank account.