Why You Should Never Lie on Your Resume

According to ., the most common resume fibs hover around these areas: Work experience Dates of employment Job titles in a previous role References College

Why Is My Background Check Taking So Long?

Dispelling Some Common Myths Pushing the “Magic Button” County criminal information is retrieved directly from the county courts. Federal criminal information is retrieved from federal

Credit Check Basics

Now, it is important to note that one’s credit score is not included in a background screening credit report. What is included, however, can tell

Reduce the Risk in the Workplace, use Background Reports

How To Reduce The Risk At Workplace?

It helps establish whether or not the employee is a security risk.   Criminal records help shed light on whether or not a new employee

Caught With a Fake Educational Degree?What If You Get

Caught With a Fake Educational Degree?

Caught With a Fake Educational Degree? Here\’s what you need to know? The social media age comes with a lot of pressure for the youth.