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Preparing for a (Successful) Job Interview

It isn’t any secret that the general employment landscape of early-mid 2022 favors the job seeker. However, that’s no reason to be cavalier about your job search. It may be the perfect time to set your sights higher than ever before. But as you raise the bar concerning your list of preferred jobs, you can

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Factors That Affect Your Credit Score

As a consumer reporting agency, we procure a wide range of personal information from name/address history and criminal records data to credit and financial information. Although criminal and Identity records have a significant amount of influence when it comes to getting a job, purchasing a firearm, or even gaining custody rights, one’s credit report can

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Questions About Your Personal Check? Here’s What to Expect

Here is what you can expect: 1. Choose Your Package You can find more information on packages here2. Provide Your Information First, you provide your information, electronically sign the disclosures and authorizations, provide payment credentials, then you will submit your request and your background check will be underway. In as little as 1 to 2

Why You Should Never Lie on Your Resume

According to ., the most common resume fibs hover around these areas: Work experience Dates of employment Job titles in a previous role References College education Previous responsibilities GPA Internship experience Competing in the Jungle The Interview Won’t Be Natural Instead of being untruthful, do your best to be sincere and genuine. If you don’t

Why Is My Background Check Taking So Long?

Dispelling Some Common Myths Pushing the “Magic Button” County criminal information is retrieved directly from the county courts. Federal criminal information is retrieved from federal courts. Credit information is acquired from the credit bureaus. Education information is often verified with the institutions themselves, as is the case with past employment history. Front-of-the-Line Accesses No Manual

Credit Check Basics

Now, it is important to note that one’s credit score is not included in a background screening credit report. What is included, however, can tell an even more complete story. Credit information is retrieved from data collection agencies known as credit bureaus. These bureaus gather information from various creditors and provide it to consumer reporting

What (Most Likely) Won’t Show Up on Your Background Check

Here’s a list of things that most likely won’t be present on your criminal background check: In most instances, minor offenses such as traffic violations, jaywalking, or littering will be omitted from one’s criminal background report. Such infractions are usually only punishable by a small fine and aren’t necessarily considered crimes. There are times, however,

3 Important Uses for a Personal Background Check

Do we know enough about our documented past? Americans has a criminal record. Even a seemingly harmless misdemeanor that is quickly forgotten about by the offender can create large employment barriers that stand firm for years. Here are three ways a personal background check can be leveraged for your professional success. Many employers lean on

Flaws in the Fingerprint Background Screening System

The information provided is often inaccurate   Fingerprint backgrounds often provide inaccurate information. On the one hand, you may have an applicant who has a criminal record in the FBI database and records from a wrongful arrest or when their records were already deleted. On the other hand, you could have an applicant appear clean

Reduce the Risk in the Workplace, use Background Reports

How To Reduce The Risk At Workplace?

It helps establish whether or not the employee is a security risk.   Criminal records help shed light on whether or not a new employee or applicant is a security risk at the Workplace. For applicants who have been convicted of violent crimes, this is particularly useful. Having this knowledge will help you make the

Story of Jobs and Careers

A story that will change the way you think about jobs and careers

A giant leap of faith with a happy ending For as long as Amy Costello could remember, she knew that she wanted to work in finance. She had grown up in some of the most critical cities in global finance, including New York, London, and Japan. It, therefore, came as no surprise to anyone that

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education- Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity can take several different forms and it can be incorporated into your life in many ways. From physical abilities, family structures, gender, culture, and religion, there are many differences that makeup what we are. Most people think that kids will automatically get a positive outlook about the differences between each other even though those