Avoid Sharing These Things On Social Media, Or You May Get Into Trouble

Sharing your details on social media might seem like a good idea, especially since everyone is doing it, but you never know who is on the other side. It is good to keep up with friends and family across social platforms, but you may end up sharing too much information.

The real question is, what do social media companies do with all this information? It is vital to limit what we put out there for the sake of our privacy and safety. There are several vital information that one should not share on social media to avoid compromising their discretion or security.

Travel Plans

It is common to see people sharing their holiday plans and destination online or posting pictures of places they are visiting. This looks harmless, but the fact is you are not sure who is on the other end planning to trespass into your property or break-in.

Anyone with malicious intent can see that you are miles away, and therefore it becomes easy for them to access your home or work area. Therefore, it is advisable to show restraint until you get back and post your vacation pictures and videos.

Personal Identifying Data

People who are constantly on Facebook are likely to give out personal information, making them easy targets for identity theft. People who use social engineering look for anyone who has exposed their personal information and then takes that identity online.

It is not unusual to hear that someone’s account has been hacked or locked out of their account. While online, steer clear of quizzes that tend to inquire about personal details and background since this could lead to identity theft.

Self-Incriminating Evidence

People usually ignore petty offenses on social media like trespassing on private property for a fantastic photo or diving into someone’s pool. As silly as these seem, leaving the evidence out in the open could lead to severe repercussions. People have lost their jobs for pulling such stunts and exposing themselves on social media.

Although minor crimes like misdemeanors and more severe crimes like felonies are rarely captured on social media, you will likely come across a video of people driving while drunk or taking selfies and driving. This could lead to self-incrimination and arrest. Do not risk compromising your reputation or freedom for a few likes online; keep it to yourself.

Expensive Items Bought

We have seen people posting pictures and videos of new items such as phones, cars, computers, and many other fancy things they bought. Unfortunately, posting such things may result in envy and feelings of failure for those viewing your posts, making them resentful towards you.

Posting all these new items or sharing too much information about your financial situation could lead to theft, or worst-case scenario, an attack online and on your property. But, on the other hand, keeping this information to yourself protects your property and yourself from critics and malicious individuals.

This is just some of the vital information one needs to keep out of social media to avoid risking their security online and their safety.

Run a social media check to see what\’s on your social media report.

Avoid Sharing these things on Social Media, or you may get into trouble

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