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  1. Your credit report may have errors.
  2. You may have criminal charges eligible for expungement.
  3. An online background check could benefit your job search.

At Consumer Credentials, we provide the insights that help you make sure your personal information is up to date and accurate. By offering three different instant background check packages, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, you can order a custom report that can be used by potential employers, investors, landlords, or for your own personal needs.

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You Have The Right To

Fair and Accurate Information

Consumers and their data are protected by federal and state rights. If you have inaccuracies on your credit report or expungable offenses on your criminal record, you can and should work to get those resolved properly. However, knowing is half the battle. By ordering an instant background check through Consumer Credentials, you can gain the insights you need to take action against possible errors.

Applying for a job?

An Instant Background Check Can Benefit Your Search

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