How to Recharge Yourself During Work

Are you always feeling drained and tired at work? Do you notice your productivity levels dropping even if you work hard? This can be due to stress or just the fast-paced work environments everywhere. Do not lose hope; there are ways you can get back to your best self. Let us take a look at

What Should You Ask at the End of a Job Interview?

You just managed to power through an interview with your potential employer, and that is great! Now what? Earlier, you were asked questions, and now your interviewer allows you to switch roles. What do you do at this stage? Leaving right away is not a good call as you waste some unique opportunities. Instead, let

Unemployment and depression – How does unemployment affect mental health?

  In these trying COVID-19 times, many people have lost their jobs due to economic instability. Unemployment is rising, and many people have become dependent on financial assistance. However, it’s not just wallets and bank accounts taking the hit; but these people are often affected mentally. Some of them develop depression. Unemployment and depression are

The US Government Extends Student Loan Repayment Benefits for 5 more years

  The US Government Extends Student Loan Repayment Benefits for 5 more years. After the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, nations worldwide have been ordering mandatory lockdowns to help keep their citizens safe. This affected all areas of life, including colleges and universities. Many students were ordered to study at home or be confined in

Jobs for People with Autism – Different Options & Possibilities

Autism Jobs and Specific Skills Several symptoms are associated with autism that may make holding some types of jobs more difficult than others. However, if the type of job sought is tailored to someone with autism\’s specific needs, they can be perfectly sufficient and even thrive in their job — just like anyone else. There

10 Ways to Boost Your Job Application

Here are ten ways to boost your job application   2 – Know Your Reasons Companies are normally looking for applicants who want to stay and grow with that role for a long time to come. It may seem unnecessary but take some time to get to know the company you are applying for. Be

Job Hunt in Covid-19 – What You Need To Know

What makes Job hunt in COVID-19 different, exactly? One major problem with the coronavirus is that it’s very highly contagious. Just a whiff of air from an infected person who just sneezed could infect you with this disease. That’s why we do social distancing: so you won’t inhale someone else’s infected biowaste. But what we’re

HR Management Job Demand After COVID-19

How COVID-19 Shaped Industries For the most part, the COVID-19 crisis caused countless people to be displaced, quarantined, and unable to report to work. It also stopped the hospitality industry from running at all. With this in mind, many companies have tried to cut losses by temporarily closing, filing for financial aid, or reducing their

Can HR Managers Work From Home?

While more and more companies are slowly adopting newer industry standards — such as flextime and working from home –, it makes sense to ask the question: “Can I do the same, too?” Unfortunately, not everyone can work whenever they please or at the comfort of their homes. This includes most frontline employees in the

20 Tips for Finding a New Job – FAST!

Network. The more people you know who are aware of your situation and abilities, the better. While finding a job is not a popularity contest, your network of friends, acquaintances, and colleagues can reach much farther than you can on your own. Some businesses reach out to college and alumni offices to fill positions, so

5 Tips That Will Help With Interview Techniques

Research the Company Before you go in for your interview, you should understand what the company is all about. Remember some basic knowledge of their history, mission statement and company values, and any products or services they may offer. This shows interest and organization on your part and also gives you the chance to tailor

What if the Social Security number doesn’t match records?

Social Security number doesn’t match records?   What if the Social Security numberContact the employee if you can. If you are unable to make contact, document your efforts Try different versions of a name if it is hyphenated Document your efforts to obtain correct information from the employee. Order a Quick SSN Check ➤