How To Improve A Google Search Background Check

Tips For Candidates Who Want Their Google Search Background Check to be Impressive How can someone improve their Google Search Background Check? Do you know what this check is and how to employers perform it? Let\’s talk more about it. 2020 seems to be a year of transformation. Given the current Covid-19 or Wuhan virus

11 Tips to Make a Good First Impression at an Interview

Why do you need a good first impression at an interview? As much as we all wish that actual qualifications mattered most, . A good first impression will give you a great kick start to upcoming events of your interview. In order to gain winning confidence and the feeling of being well-prepared, always start strong

Will An Employer Check My Internet History

The Difference between Private and Public Internet History Your public internet history, as the term indicates, is public. It contains all the information you publicly post online, which includes your posts on social media and the blogs and articles you have published. Unless you have set it to ‘private,’ your public internet history can be

Can a Background Check Reveal My Unemployment History?

Who will be Notified if You File an Unemployment Claim?   Might be surprising for some, but yes, both. Your past employer If you have filed an unemployment claim, your last employer will be notified (and possibly other ex-employees) to verify your earning and your dates of employment. You should know that your unemployment claim

Previous Employment History Check – Details You Need To Know

What Can an Employer Know About My Previous Employment History During a Background Check? Previous employment history check is required by almost all companies. Let\’s talk more about it shortly. Business organizations across the country have been badly hit by the economic downturn that followed the COVID-19 pandemic. Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have

3 Major Considerations For Background Checks

Major Considerations For Background Checks You Should Know     How Far Back Can an Employer Look When Doing a Criminal Background Check on Me? These are challenging times. On one hand, the entire world has seemingly come together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. On the other hand, both individual employers and corporate businesses

Job Hunting During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Job Hunting During The Coronavirus Pandemic: Here’s How a Background Check Can Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired   The coronavirus pandemic has led to an unprecedented crisis in the US labor market. As of March 21st, the total number of unemployment claims filed in the country stood at 3.3 million. Experts say that the

How Covid-19 Has Affected The Job Market In The US

How Covid-19 Has Affected The Job Market In The US in 2020?   The Covid-19 or Wuhan virus pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for the US economy. Global supply chains are disrupted, consumer confidence has declined, and many American businesses are struggling to maintain their cash flows for survival. The first and most direct impact

Can Employers Ask How Much I Made at My Last Job

Can employers ask how much I made at my last job?   An increasing number of US states and cities are taking a legislative stand against the salary-history question, especially during job interviews. As an employer (or even a job candidate), you might wonder what triggered this strong stance? Isn’t salary-history a basic criterion to

What tenant screening criteria can a landlord legally use?

Tenant Screening Criteria If you own property and expect to rent it out to strangers, it’s critical to protect yourself and your assets through a clear tenant-screening process. Also important is the criteria you set for interviewing potential tenants. Across the US, states have varying FCRA regulations and Fair Housing laws that protect the rights

Do All Background Checks Take The Same Amount of Time

Do All Background Checks Take The Same Amount of Time?   Pre-employment screenings are becoming an increasing necessity in the professional world, both to verify a job candidate’s authenticity, and to mitigate risk at work. In this world of instant online searches, it is reasonable for employers to expect quick, often instant results. Because of