Background Check On The Babysitter

Useful tips when you perform a background check on the babysitter


Leaving your precious child to anyone other than you can be a scary prospect, especially when you don\’t have close family members, friends, or neighbors to help you. For this reason, a background check on a babysitter makes total sense.

In these types of cases, hiring a babysitter can be an option that you choose to explore. But the thought of leaving your baby to a person that you are not well-acquainted with, and at times, have never met before, can certainly be daunting, and you want to ensure that your child remains as safe as possible.


A thorough background check on a potential babysitter can offer you some peace of mind. Some babysitting agencies already run background checks on all their babysitters and caregivers prior to allowing them to join the organization.

However, you can also run a background check on a babysitter candidate yourself in the following ways:

Hire a Background Verification Service

To check the background of a potential babysitter through a professional company offering candidate screening services, you will first need to ask the person in question for their legal name, social security number, and driver\’s license. With this information, you can request the background check company for a background check.

Your service provider may offer different packages, depending on the depth of the background check required. Still, most basic packages include a national criminal search, a terrorist watch list check, a national sex offender database search, and whether they are FCRA compliant.

Additionally, the company can search the FBI\’s most-wanted list as well as check if the individual has a record of misdemeanor or felony, was in prison, is on probation, or has any other criminal transgressions on their record.

Checking Driving Records

If the babysitter will be driving your child around, it is a good idea to call the DMV for driving records or check it online in some states. They will be able to pull up the records using the potential babysitter’s social security number and driver’s license number. These records show any violations, accidents, convictions, and suspensions.

Background Check on Sex Offender Registry and Child Abuse and Neglect Records

You should check whether the potential babysitter is a registered sex offender, which can be done by checking whether their name is on the sex offender registry. This information is publically available.

Another area that you should look into is child abuse and neglect records. To do this, you can call Child Protective Services (CPS) and understand whether your state regulations allow potential employers to check for the babysitter\’s name on their records. Each state has different rules, and you might be able to check this registry depending on your state regulations.

Reference Checks

A reference check can add another layer of thoroughness to your babysitter background check. You can ask the potential babysitter for a list of people that they have sat for in the past, and call these previous employers to understand more about the individual. It is best to enlist your questions beforehand for a more productive discussion.

Concluding Thoughts

Regardless of how you hire a babysitter, a comprehensive background check can give you some peace of mind in stressful circumstances. When it comes to your new baby, it is crucial to do everything you can to make sure that they are safe when you step out. The above measures can help you find a caring and honest babysitter so that you can enjoy a well-deserved evening out while your child is in safe hands.


How Long Does It Take To Run Background Checks On A Babysitter?


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