Job Hunting During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Job Hunting During The Coronavirus Pandemic: Here’s How a Background Check Can Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired


The coronavirus pandemic has led to an unprecedented crisis in the US labor market. As of March 21st, the total number of unemployment claims filed in the country stood at 3.3 million. Experts say that the number is likely to increase in the coming days, as more and more businesses are temporarily laying off employees or shutting down due to the pandemic and the slowdown caused by it.

The good news is that many employers are still hiring – especially in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, technology, and other sectors that are at the forefront of fighting the Wuhan virus pandemic. They are, however, extremely careful about whom they hire, as they cannot afford to waste their resources on the wrong person, especially at a time when they are conserving their costs and focusing on business survival.



In such a scenario, it’s crucial for you to do everything you can to increase your chances of getting hired – including and especially running a background check on yourself.


The Need for a Background Check

A vast majority of employers in the country conduct background and reference checks as part of their hiring process. Studies show that hiring a person who is not best suited for a position can affect group dynamics in the workplace and impact productivity.

Hiring a person with violent, antisocial tendencies, on the other hand, can put the whole workforce at risk. Also, without conducting a comprehensive background check, employers might not be able to determine if an employee can be trusted with sensitive information.


Attach Your Background Check to Your Resume

This is the time to be thinking one step ahead of your peers. Demonstrate to your potential employers that you are responsible, proactive, and highly professional in your approach. Obtain a professional background check report from a reliable service provider and attach it to your resume. It will help you set yourself apart from the crowd, and significantly improve your chances of getting hired.


Why You Should Run a Check on Yourself

Background checks, like all other processes with human intervention, can be inaccurate at times. For instance, a loan that you paid off long back could show up on your report again. A conviction that was expunged long back could show up on your report again. This type of damaging information can cost you a job, especially at a time when the country is battling a pandemic and employers are extremely cautious about who they hire.

To avoid these types of nasty surprises, you can conduct a background check on yourself and get the errors and inaccuracies – if any – fixed.

In some cases, running a background check on yourself might give you an opportunity to clean up your record. For example, if a misdemeanor, which you were convicted of when you were a juvenile, shows up on your background check report, you might be able to get it expunged. Once expunged, it will no longer show up on criminal background checks, which can definitely increase your chances of getting hired.

Also, conducting your own background check is a sign that you are transparent and can be trusted. It shows that the information you provide is truthful and verified, which makes the job of the recruiter a lot easier. So, attaching a copy of your background check report along with your resume is undoubtedly one of the best ways to increase your chances of getting hired.


How Long Does It Take To Run A Verified Background Check?


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