Background Check For A Security Guard

Key Attributes That Employers Seek when they do a background check for a Security Guard


Professional security guards are a vital part of the company that employs them. Security guards are usually put in positions where they can be clearly seen by visitors, and are a way for businesses to show clients that the organization is trustworthy and secure. For this reason, a background check for a security guard makes total sense.




It can be risky for a company to hire someone off the street for such a vital role. Apart from background checks, the qualities that companies often seek in security guards include:

Valid Guard Card and Good Training

For any security guard position, having a valid guard card is crucial. Certain companies do hire guards without one, under the condition that they will acquire the license before they stand a post.

The state must certify guard card training. But many enterprises have preferred providers for training their guards. In fact, some companies might offer training to guards themselves after hiring them, especially for entry-level positions.

Some security companies also want guards to get CPR and first aid training, besides basic guard training. Doing so can reduce their liability in case of an emergency as well as highlight their focus towards public safety.

Effective Communication Skills

Observing and reporting are the primary duties of a security guard. It is vital to be able to state, both in writing and verbally, what you notice at the post. A security guard may also need to engage with the organization’s employees, customers, other guards, or authorities.

If a contingency situation arises, the employer must be comfortable in the knowledge that you can communicate the necessary information to keep their employees, clients, and premises safe.

Meticulous with Close Attention to Detail

At times, security work can be mundane, but security guards must nevertheless remain attentive. Regardless of whether a car is parked suspiciously or whether a stranger has walked past several times, you must be capable of noticing the details that can alert you to potential issues.

This attention to detail also extends to your appearance as a security guard. You represent the organization, and your appearance and the state of your uniform can explain a lot about your professionalism.

Team Player

Security operations are a part of the overall plan of a company, and it is not a function that can be performed in isolation. Security is only as robust as the weakest link. Therefore, it is crucial for you to perform your job well.

Employers must believe that you can work alongside other people and can follow directions. The security of the company can be threatened if you cannot follow established security guidelines or can’t work effectively with other people.

Fitness Level

Being physically fit is an unstated requirement for any security guard job. Employers want guards to be at a basic level of fitness to be able to perform work such as walking patrol routes, engaging with the public, or even responding to safety hazards. Physically unfit or overweight guards can adversely affect the image of the employer as well as compromise security.

Final Thoughts

For any organization, hiring a professional security guard can be similar to rolling the dice. A resume and brief interaction cannot usually inspire trust in someone – there’s more to it. However, if you possess the above attributes, you will be an asset to any company that chooses to hire you.


How Long Does It Take To Run Background Checks For A Security Guard?


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