What if the Social Security number doesn’t match records?

Social Security number doesn’t match records?   What if the Social Security numberContact the employee if you can. If you are unable to make contact, document your efforts Try different versions of a name if it is hyphenated Document your efforts to obtain correct information from the employee. Order a Quick SSN Check ➤

Tenant Screening Reports

What Is a Tenant Screening Report? A tenant screening report is the official result of a background check for a prospective tenant. It often includes the tenant’s history of eviction, criminal records, and previous addresses. Some screenings look at the tenant’s credit score. Others will include searching the sex offender registry, terrorist watch list, and

20 most popular lies applicants may tell in job interviews

Here are 20 of the most popular lies applicants may tell in job interviews.  Express enthusiasm for working an inconvenient schedule, such as evenings and weekends. It might be true that some people like working evenings and weekends, but most often, people are willing to work less-than-ideal schedules when they are desperate for a job.

Major Problems of Working Students

Why do working college & university students face problems? Hard work pays off, but the way students use their skills should be appreciated. A student will never understand the importance of freedom unless he chooses to follow a difficult lifestyle. Working while learning may constitute a clear example of a disguised blessing. All working students

Tutor Background Check

Do Private Tutors Need Screening? Why? Private tutors absolutely need screening. The purpose of a tutor screening is to verify the tutor’s education and work experience and background information, including any non-expunged criminal records. This information can help identify a person’s suitability to be working with students and is especially important if they are children.

What Does Screening Your Potential Tenants Mean?

Screening your potential tenants for better-renting processes The quality and success in screening potential tenants depend on how in-depth you can go in their financial and criminal history.     What Does Screening Your Potential Tenant Mean? A tenant screening is any kind of check on the background and history of a prospective tenant. It

Can You Run A Dating Background Check On Someone You Are Dating?

Can you run a background check on someone you met online? A background check on a potential partner could get you some detailed information but this practice is ILLEGAL. Yes, you heard it. You CANNOT run a background report on any other person without their consent. The FTC is the federal agency that enforces an

What Does a Background Check Show?

What Shows Up on A Criminal Background Check? Almost all background checks include a criminal history check, based on the Social Security number and other information provided by the candidate. These checks reveal misdemeanor and felony criminal convictions, history of incarceration as an adult, and pending criminal cases (if any). Arrests pending prosecution and arrests

Background Check for Nannies

Performing a Background Check by Yourself Performing a background check of your new babysitter is not as simple as you might think. But you can obtain some basic information about the person you are hiring to look after your kids. Before you begin, you need to know what type of questions you can ask and

Best Resume and Job Hunt Tips During Difficult Hiring Times

Job Hunt Tips During Difficult Hiring Times If you are looking for a job, you would definitely need a few job hunt tips in this current year of a pandemic. The current Covid-19 pandemic has triggered many new narratives that could potentially affect working professionals. While some of them are true, there are also false

How Does a Background Check Increase the Viewers of Your Job Application?

Attach a Background Check Report to Your Job Application Most of the job applications of competent candidates are likely to look very similar to each other. HR teams are often looking for that one key differentiating factor that inspires them to select your application from among hundreds of “me-too” clones. A copy of a professional

Is it Worth Doing Your Own Background Check During a Job Search

Is it Worth Doing Your Own Background Check During a Job Search The current Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the way people do business. Given the tentative state of the economy, this year’s business motto seems to be, “do better with less”. Accordingly, employers are taking stringent measures to weed out bad hires for critical