Background Check for Nannies

Background Check for Nannies

In modern society, where both parents are often working, it is not possible for them to look after their children all the time. However, little children do require constant monitoring to ensure their safety. Many parents hire a babysitter or nanny to look after their little ones when they are away. This is where the need for the background check for nannies come up.

Is it safe to leave a kid alone with a stranger who claims that they can take care of your child? The answer will differ based on the background of the person hired. If the person looking after your children in your absence is someone who lives nearby and you know them well, then your child is probably safe. However, many people rely on professional agencies to hire a babysitter.




Now, most babysitting companies perform a background check of people they send for the role. However, you should make some inquiries yourself to ensure that you have hired the right person.

Performing a Background Check by Yourself

Performing a background check of your new babysitter is not as simple as you might think. But you can obtain some basic information about the person you are hiring to look after your kids. Before you begin, you need to know what type of questions you can ask and what you cannot, in case you want to interview the babysitter before offering them a job.

Prior to performing a background check of an employee, you need to get permission from the candidate to do so. Once you obtain their permission, you can take the following steps to seek their background information:

  • First of all, confirm the identity of the person you are hiring
  • Check if they have first-aid training and can perform CPR
  • Check their educational background
  • See that they have any records of a sexual offense
  • Take a look at their criminal record and driving history
  • Ask for references

What Should You Be Careful About While Interviewing a Babysitter?

You might wish to ask many types of questions before you hire them for a job. However, you need to respect their privacy and not ask them anything they might be uncomfortable answering. Here are some points that you must keep in mind when interviewing a babysitter:

  • Refrain from asking their marital status and disability status
  • If you are interviewing the person on the phone, don\’t ask about their ethnicity or race
  • You should also not talk about the religion of the babysitter
  • Avoid asking the applicant’s age, but you may ask if they are old enough to work legally
  • You should not ask them about their birthplace, but you may ask if they are allowed to work in the United States
  • Avoid asking if they are pregnant or plan to have a baby soon

Crimes Against Children by Babysitters

How to Perform Background Check on Nannies?

Here is a list of things that you should check before hiring anyone to take care of your children in your absence.

Confirm the Identity

It is vital to ensure that the babysitter is actually the person that they claim to be. Ask for their name and social security number. You can also take a look at their driving license. In case the person is not a citizen of the US, review their passport, and ask if they are allowed to work in the country. You can ask the applicant to fill the I-9 form to ensure that they can work in the country without any legal issues.

Contact the References

Always get in touch with the references provided by the babysitter before confirming their job. Many people might ignore this step if a friend or family member has introduced them. You should still contact a third-party reference for more information.

When you speak to the former employers of the babysitter, you may get to know how competent they are in handling children. Previous employers might also tell you if they faced any issues with the applicant. Always ask for a minimum of two references from the person applying for the job.

Criminal Records

Always check the criminal record of the babysitter. You can take a look at the national sex offender list or get in touch with the local or state police and the Department of Motor Vehicles to know if the applicant has a criminal history. Some states ask people who want to babysit to undergo a drug test. Ensure that the person you plan to hire has undergone the said test (if it is mandatory) before you hire them.

Work with a Professional Background Check Service Provider

When hiring a babysitter, you should remember that the stakes are high. You might feel overwhelmed with all the background checks that you need to perform before hiring the babysitter. There is a possibility that you don\’t have enough time to check everything.

You may not be aware of what you can and cannot ask the applicant. If you are facing such concerns, you can get the help of a professional background check company that can perform a thorough and accurate search.

The service provider will ensure that the person you are hiring for a job is qualified or not. They will also check to see if the person is legally allowed to do the job and other potential issues that might cause trouble down the line. When you hire a new babysitter, you need 100 percent reliability so that you can have peace of mind about your baby’s safety.

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