How To Improve A Google Search Background Check

Tips For Candidates Who Want Their Google Search Background Check to be Impressive

How can someone improve their Google Search Background Check? Do you know what this check is and how to employers perform it? Let\’s talk more about it.

2020 seems to be a year of transformation. Given the current Covid-19 or Wuhan virus pandemic and its looming impact on the global company, job seekers are consciously stepping up their game, to win a coveted post. As the mighty Charles Darwin put it, \”It is not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to CHANGE.\” Touché!

Here, an increasing number of employers are turning towards their good virtual right hand – Google – to \”screen\” employees even before their first interview. They are also finding ways to stay legal by using information publicly (and willingly) provided by you.

As a resourceful candidate, here are five tips to turn this in your favor.

1.     Google yourself and do a self-screening

This is your first peek into what the search engine superpowers say about you. You should try this with multiple combinations (like Yahoo, Bing, etc.), and with different possibilities of your name (like mixing up the order). Knowledge is indeed power, and when you know what is said about you, you also know what to fix and what to improve.


2.     Clean up your virtual, social act

Social media platforms are tricky, as you expect to share that harmless drunk selfie with your friends. And yet, imagine the embarrassment of having a potential employer discover that you reserve Fridays for hard liquor. Also, Saturdays and most Sundays. And possibly just another weekday!

Social media profiles are contextually playful and hence exaggerated. However, you never know which post is likely to (unofficially) offend a potential hiring manager. Regardless of the legalities involved, your social media says more about you than your professional resume. Ensure that there is no conflict.

3.     Authenticate your online identity with a verified web presence

When you run through tip 1, you may well discover plenty of other individuals who share your name. Now some of them may even have a shady web presence with a dubious social media profile. Unfortunately, if Google finds them first, so will a future employer, and associate them with you.

Here is an example of what shows up in search results when you search Tony Robbin\’s name on a Google Search Engine.


To avoid this, smart candidates consciously establish a web presence with a defined URL. They also include this URL in their resume. This can significantly reduce the chances of mistaken online identity.

4.     Be graceful and consistent in the digital world

People tend to sprinkle the web with their presence, without thought of future employers. For instance, consider that bad yelp reviews for a food delivery gone wrong. If you ended up cussing a lot due to frustration, it could trigger a sensitive (future), employer. It could also be something straightforward, and yet telling – like consistently lousy grammar in your Facebook posts. Like it or not, this is now part of your web presence and adds to your virtual image. For this reason, be real in your digital interactions, yet always graceful and consistent.

Why Consistency Matters in the Digital World

Consistency in the digital world is an indication of how secure is your messaging strategy online. Since there is a tremendous amount of marketing all around us at all times, don\’t have time to focus on details. In this case, we need to make a great first impression, which is possible through showcasing consistency at all times, whether you are posting on social media or writing a blog. Last but not least, consistency leads to more robust campaigns.

5.     Be a positive contributor in your field

A Google search background check is very fair to the ones who contribute wholeheartedly to their fields. If Google can showcase you as a positive contributor in an area of relevance, perhaps in your professional field, then a hiring manager is likely to find it, and consider you with an extra gold star.

But, if Google has to showcase it, you have to showcase it first. So, do not hesitate to share your worthwhile contributions on the world wide web. Now, if you can also share expertise, like a published guest blog that is both authentic and relevant, you may even be considered a rare unicorn in your field.


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