Major Problems of Working Students

Major problems of working students

The problems of working students are real. Working students go to school/college/university and work part or fulltime to meet their financial needs. It isn\’t easy going both directions at the same time. The hardship causes problems for working students, which they have to cope with.



Why do working college & university students face problems?

Hard work pays off, but the way students use their skills should be appreciated. A student will never understand the importance of freedom unless he chooses to follow a difficult lifestyle. Working while learning may constitute a clear example of a disguised blessing. All working students can understand how difficult it can get, ranging from friends to classes and jobs. It is of great concern to students who are simultaneously pursuing their education and earning. The primary benefit of working while studying is that they groom themselves eir professional life. Working and educating yourself simultaneously is not as easy; you have to sacrifice several other things to better your life.


Reasons why students work

Different types of students who work while studying

  • Having high goals to achieve
  • To support and bear their expenses.
  • To learn practically while studying.
  • To be successful just after their college or university.
  • Work voluntarily to help society.

Challenges faced by working students?

Students at the college struggle to balance living away from home, attending school, working a job, and living. Many depend on off-campus parents or part-time work. Many schools are conscious of this issue, offering students on-campus work, called daily student employment. Below are some prominent problems of working students which they face during this hectic time.

  • Stress & exhaustion – Unfortunately, it\’s incredibly difficult to maintain a social life, career, education, and family time. It\’s not difficult to get overwhelmed, especially when you have next-to-no time to relax. There\’s always something going on, and you always feel like you\’re being pushed in every direction, just waiting to see how long you can last until you\’re too thin. This probably isn\’t a very healthy lifestyle, but hey, what can you do? Work is necessary for a large portion of college students to afford the pretty penny that college costs.
  • Schedule and time-table – The basic issue that a working student face is regular scheduling. Students are known to be hard workers. Often working hard leads to over-commitment, which may contribute to the fear of losing the game. Working students are stressed that in the provided period, they will complete all their duties.
  • Procrastination – Students also procrastinate because they believe the assignments they have to complete will fail. In different ways, this fear of failure can facilitate procrastination, such as by encouraging students to avoid completing a task or by causing them to avoid beginning a task in the first place.
  • Work-life balance – Usually, when you\’ve got a thesis or a lot of homework that\’s due by the end of the week, and you\’re doing your best to prepare to finish it all the weekend before so you don\’t have to stay up too late throughout the week that\’s not always practical. It isn\’t easy to work double shifts, but sometimes we need those extra hours for our next paycheck.
  • Travel/Entertainment – It doesn\’t leave much room for casual journeys or occasional coffee dates with friends who don\’t commit to having a fixed work schedule every week. Even friends who have the same issue, who have committed work schedules, find it hard to find time to share with you among other friends because of overlapping work schedules.

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How to overcome the problems of working students?

  • Learning to deal with the stress that follows with being a working college student, and making sure you have at least one night off a week can bring down your stress levels ten-fold. Don’t try to overextend yourself. You know your limits, don’t pass them.
  • Students have to make schedules, from time to time, to work out on multiple tasks. In short, they have to be spontaneous with their work-life as well as student life.
  • You use those five minutes waiting for your teacher to start class to brush up on last week’s notes. You work through your lunch break instead of going out with your coworkers.
  • The only way you ever really have free time to spend with friends is when you take a weekend off work to take a break and relax with the friends you hardly get to see.
  • Trying to muster the maximum amount of sleep when your schedule doesn’t allow for more than 5 hours almost every night can impact your studies, and energy level, in a negative way.


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