What are the different types of felony offenses?

Types of Felony Offenses

Felonies are the highest level of offenses punishable by lengthy jail terms due to their magnitude and impact on the victim and society. They usually are grouped according to severity, with the most heinous crimes having the longest jail time and the least severe felony having a lesser jail term. The court groups felony offenses to ease sentencing according to the state law and determine which violation requires specific sentencing, making it easy for the court. The most common groupings of felony offenses are sex crimes, white-collar crimes, and violent crimes, among others that fall under felonies.

Assault as a felony

Depending on the circumstance, assault can be treated as a misdemeanor with less severe punishment. However, when it is considered a felony, there must be credible proof that there was life endangerment using a dangerous weapon, making it a class B felony punishable by up to two and a half years in prison. Most assault crimes range from the first degree up to the third depending on the magnitude and punishable by serious jail time.

Sexual assault and rape

The laws surrounding rape and sexual assault differ from one state to the other due to specific considerations that include: the age of the victim, the position of the perpetrator, and the type of sexual misconduct resulting in the crime. Many sexual assault crimes range from the first to the third degree, such as sodomy and rape, unlawful sexual penetration, and sexual abuse. These crimes are usually punishable by up to a minimum jail time of 75 months, which increases as the intensity of the crime increases.

Promotion of prostitution

Though the term suggests that these are harmless offenses, state laws consider the promotion of prostitution as a class C felony which is punishable by a jail term of up to five years or a fine of $125,000. In addition, the crime targets those who own, operate, and supervise facilities that conduct such activities, which calls for different punishments depending on the state laws.

Kidnapping as a felony offense

Depending on state laws, kidnapping can either be considered a class A felony or a Class B felony determined by the circumstances revolving around the issue. The most common reason for the abduction is either ransom or the need to further a different crime after taking someone against their will to an undisclosed location. Custodial interference also falls under this category whereby a person takes another from the custody of an individual mandated by law. By holding this person hostage, the law treats it as a first-degree felony and can result in serious jail time.

Drug-related crimes

Most states treat drug possession as either a misdemeanor or a felony offense, depending on the type and amount of drugs involved. However, the manufacture and distribution of controlled substances are considered a felony across the board. Thus, most states are harsh when it comes to delivering such importance compared to possession, which can be treated as a misdemeanor rather than a felony.

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What are the different types of felony offenses?

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