Employment Screening Results – Read This Short Guide

Worried About What May Show Up On Your Employment Screening Results – Read This Short Guide.


Consider that you’re in the final stages of a positive HR interview for your ideal job. In fact, you are even expecting to get hired any minute. And yet, your euphoria is brought to a crashing halt with 10 dreaded words, “We will get back to you after the background check”.

It typically takes 48 hours to complete a regular database check but with Consumer Credentials, its less than 24 hours before your employment screening results arrive.

How Long Does It Take To Run A Verified Background Check?



Is it time to panic? Read on to sail through this experience without stress.

1.     This process is procedural and not personal

Across the country, there are several state-specific FCRA guidelines that protect the rights of working professionals, so you are not subject to any form of discrimination or harassment. Hence, you can safely conclude that the background check requested by the employer has been mandated for all candidates suitable for the role, and not just you.

Of course, they may choose to conduct it at different stages, like the initial stage, or at the end to narrow it down to the last few ideal candidates, in order to better manage expenses.

In this regard, you are not special. (And this is good news!)

2.     What kind of check does it involve?

This depends on the employer/hiring manager. It could be a criminal background check including traffic violations, or a request for detailed credit history, etc. Each requires specific consent from the candidate.

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3.     What happens if they discover something “bad”?

Employment screening results depend on several things, including what that “bad” thing is, how long ago it happened, and the cause.

For instance, consider that you previously ran your own business, but it went bust a decade ago and caused you to declare bankruptcy. However, you made sure to take care of financial and professional dues, so there are no other criminal records attached to your name.

Furthermore, you have been working as a salaried professional with a solid credit history ever since. In this case, the employer may choose to completely ignore your past, and continue with the original decision to hire you.

Other examples would include minor traffic violations (provided you are not interviewing for a driver’s job!), arrests that did not lead to convictions, and so on. Sex-offenses are often a cause for rejection. Again, this would depend on the FCRA regulations governing your state.

Also, if the hiring manager finds that the background check has uncovered a serious red-flag, then he or she is still likely to use a decision matrix along with an individualized assessment, in order to make a fair decision that also suits the hiring company’s best interests.

Finally, consider that your candidature has indeed been marked for rejection due to a red-flag in your employment screening results. In this case, the following FCRA guidelines prevail:

  • You are first given a pre-adverse action notification. This is your opportunity to defend the information uncovered during the background check.
  • You may even provide information to support change in behavior, to reiterate that the past behavior will not be repeated. In some cases, this may influence the hiring manager’s decision.

Based on this, the employer may reconsider your candidature, or choose to pursue a final adverse action notice in line with FCRA guidelines. By this time, there is sufficient opportunity presented to both parties, in order to make the best decision.


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