Why are my rental applications rejected?

The current rental market is tight with scarce availability and high cost of rent; it is becoming more challenging to get approved for an apartment you fancy. If you are operating on a strict budget, being approved for a rental can be an uphill task that can result in frustration. Many factors lead to the denial of rental unit applications, leaving you scouring multiple rental listings only to hit a dead end. If this is the case, then it is high time to try other strategies that are more effective in helping your application gets accepted. Most landlords usually establish tenant screening criteria to find themselves a preferable tenant who will adhere to all the property’s set guidelines and regulations. This may include on-time payments, minimal or no property damage, and the ability to relate well with other tenants.

The rejection of a rental application could result from several factors, which render your efforts moot and disqualify you for a particular rental unit. Some common factors that lead to application denial include slow reaction to a vacant notice, lack of a professional approach, inability to follow application procedure, providing false information, and bad credit score.

What to do if your rental application is denied?

If your application was denied, it is high time to appeal to the landlord or relevant management organizations. Especially if you feel that the set of guidelines and vetting procedures were wrongly applied to turn you down, if this is the case, you can appeal the decision and take your chances with the landlord, which could work. If you think that reaching out to the landlord or management can help improve your chances, it is advisable to write a letter expressing your concern with the denial and the interest you have in the rental unit. However, before taking any of the steps mentioned, it is imperative to check whether your reason is good enough.

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Will I know if my rental application is denied?

It is easy to know if your rental application has been denied, significantly if it raises certain red flags that the landlord had highlighted in the applicants’ guidelines and regulations. If the landlord and management did not issue a guideline for applicants to assess their credibility, other common factors could help you know whether the application has been rejected.

If you have no previous credit history, this could be a critical factor in why the application was denied. A credit history informs the landlord of your previous rental applications and ability to make payments. Criminal history is also why a rental application is denied since most landlords conduct background checks to ensure that you are not a danger to anyone.

How can I increase my chances of getting a rental when there is a high chance of the application getting rejected?

To avoid your rental application from always getting denied, there are several tips to help you improve your chances in any future application. First, you need to establish a solid credit score to show that you will make payments on time. Having dental insurance is a good way of increasing your chances of a successful application. Lastly, you should be ready to pay a security deposit to show that you are interested in the unit and cover any damage done.

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Why are my rental applications rejected?

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