Education Background Check

Accurate Education Background Check

Verify the certifications, and educational transcripts for a job using an Online Education Verification Background Check or Screening.

What is an Education Background Screening?

Acquiring a degree has become easy and common in the modern age. Education background check confirms whether the applicant has all the degrees they claim to hold and whether they are from the institutions mentioned in the application. Educational qualification is quite possibly the most crucial deciding factor after experience in the recruitment process.

Undertaking an online education verification before shortlisting clients will allow employers to be confident in their selection. These background checks can help in verifying the education or training of an applicant. An education check will almost always involve the Records and Admissions office of the educational institution or school.

What long does the education background check take?

Education background check confirms whether the claims of training, certification, and education made by an applicant are valid or not. They identify potential conflicts before an applicant is hired. In most cases, education verifications can be completed within 24 to 48 hours. However, few institutions require verification requests made by mail. This can cause the reports to be delayed.

Education background checks involve contacting colleges, universities, high schools, and vocational schools to verify the type of degree obtained, enrollment, completion status, attendance dates, and graduation date of a candidate. The time taken for an education background check depends upon the extent of verification as well.

What are the consequences of being untruthful on a resume and obtaining hire based on false information?

How far back does the education background check go?

Education background checks can go as far as requested. These verifications are carried out against official records. As long as the records exist, an educational background check is possible. This means employers can go far behind to check educational qualifications from high school. However, regular screenings tend to cover post-high school claims involving qualifications and credentials.

Education verification can confirm dates in attendance and significant as well if an applicant reports that they have yet to graduate and are still in school. First-time employers usually request this. The only limiting factor in checking prior educational qualifications is the institutional policy where the degree of the certificate was awarded.

How can you check for an international education record?

In an ideal world, all applicants would provide authentic information. Unfortunately, the reality is quite erratic. International education is becoming increasingly common, and many applicants feel they can get away with messing up a few details. Fortunately, an international school can be easily verified by an experienced background check company.

The process is quite similar to carrying out a domestic education check for typical information regarding date of enrollment, years in attendance, and significant, among other things. Data can be requested from the institution or school over the phone or email. Sometimes, a school may not disclose information to anyone but the student. This can cause potential delays.

How can education verification report help you?

Education background checks can be valuable in protection against negligent hiring claims. All employers are required to protect their company and other employees by taking reasonable measures. Businesses can be exposed to liabilities when a new hire injures another co-worker or behaves dangerously while on the job.

These verifications help employers make confident hiring decisions. It is always a good thing to know that selected candidates have all the degrees and qualifications that they mentioned in their resume. Candidates misrepresenting their set of skills could place a company at a disadvantage, especially in fields of education, fitness, and healthcare.

Professional License Verification

Professional license verification can be a part of a thorough education background check or be carried out stand alone. This process allows verification of a candidate’s credibility and licenses to work in specific vocations. Many positions require an applicant to possess the necessary educational qualifications, specific training, and a working permit.

Professional license verification reports the current status of the license, its credential title, and dates regarding the issue and expiry. Typically, professional license verification is carried out for candidates applying for the position of teacher, counselor, lawyer, accountant, land surveyors, electricians, and plumbers. They may also be carried out for dentists, nurses, doctors, therapists, cosmetologists, and pharmacists, among others.