Difference Between Fingerprint And Name Based Background Checks

Whenever we talk about background checks, we need to consider the difference between fingerprint background checks and other name-based background checks? Why is this important? Many people think that because you are using a forensic based or physical impression of their fingerprint, or DNA, or some other specimen, it is a better, more accurate check. So what is the difference between the fingerprint check and the commonly performed name-based background check?


You may be surprised to hear that most companies do not even perform fingerprint background checks anymore. Some do because outdated laws and uninformed policies mandate them, but it is not the easiest, accurate, timely, and economical way to qualify someone\’s background or data. Industries mandated to perform fingerprinting, such as banks, insurance companies, and financial planning industries, actually use name-based background checks as their primary tool for background screening and fingerprinting only as a supplemental tool for verification.

Difference Between Fingerprint And Name-Based Background Checks


Fingerprinting has certain shortcomings that most employers do not like very much. For that reason, it is not a popular check when pre-employment screening is requested.

Law enforcement authorities use fingerprint databases. These databases are not very comprehensive and accurate geographically. It is considered by some employers to be a waste of time and resources. Still, some organizations might find fingerprint background checks useful.

In conclusion, for employment background checks, the name-based, digital background checks are more comprehensive and valuable to employers. These online personal background checks minimize the risk of hiring when done through an accredited screening provider. Employers prefer name-based background check reports because they are more transparent and compliant than fingerprint checks alone.

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