Unemployment Assistance for Jobseekers in New York

Unemployment Assistance for Jobseekers in New York – Guidance for Candidates Impacted Due to COVID-19

Ever since the nations of the world started enforcing mandatory lockdowns, many workers suffered. However, they’re not the only ones that have faced difficulties since jobseekers at times have it worse. If you live in New York, let’s look at unemployed assistance for job seekers in New York.

Important Things to Remember

When you apply for unemployment assistance, it should be the first thing you do when you find yourself unemployed.

During the application process, you will be asked to provide certain information to the state government. This can include previous employment details such as dates and locations. To prevent delays and make the process smoother and quicker, you must provide accurate and complete information.

In recent times, New York citizens are attempting to commit unemployment insurance fraud. If you find a letter regarding unemployment insurance before you apply or discover something unusual, you should contact the New York State Department of Labor.

You should also make an effort to certify yourself as unemployed every week while you receive the benefits. This will allow you to claim them while you continue to look for work. Don’t call an agent for this, as it would free up agents to help those in emergencies.

How to Apply for Unemployment Assistance for Jobseekers in New York

Thankfully, not all hope is lost for the unemployed jobseeker. The federal government has set up a way for you to receive assistance during these trying times. You should be aware first that you must show the federal government that you are willing to go to work while you are unemployed.

New Yorkers who are enrolled in the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program will receive their benefits as long as they are unemployed and seek work.

This comes from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Under this act, there is the PUA program, which provides Pandemic Unemployment Compensation. The compensation currently provides $300 per week as of writing time and will continue until March 14, 2021. Those that qualify for Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation will receive benefits for 24 extra weeks other than the 26 normally allotted. Pandemic Unemployment Compensation only covered $600 a week from April 5, 2020, to June 26, 2020. It was $300 a week from January 3, 2021, to March 14, 2021.

If you believe you are eligible for PUA, you can apply online at the Unemployment Insurance Benefits website.

Updates to Unemployment Insurance in New York

The State of New York introduced modified Partial Unemployment Eligibility on January 18, 2021. This only applies to workers that can work part-time and are seeking full-time work. They can do so without losing disproportionate benefits.

PUA itself received an update twelve days later. This update applies to New Yorkers that have reached the end of their initial benefit year. Claimants are allowed to continue receiving the benefits they are eligible for. They don’t have to reapply for their benefits again. As long as they continue to certify themselves weekly, this should not be a problem.

However, workers that received benefits from the traditional Unemployed Assistance program have to reapply if they are still unemployed when their benefit year ends. The above update does not apply to this different program.

Have You Been Out of Work in New York?

These are the most pertinent facts and tips for unemployed assistance for job seekers in New York. You can check for updates or contact the government if you have questions. If you’re required to undergo a background check for employment, visit our website for more details!

Unemployment Assistance for Jobseekers in New York

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