Why it Makes Sense to Have Pre Marital Background Check



Reasons to Get a Pre Martial Background Check

Are you about to propose marriage or considering accepting a marriage proposal? Are you prepared to spend the rest of your life with someone your heart tells you is correct, but your feelings suggest something is not quite right? Have you considered a background check for your future life partner? Many people are familiar with conducting an informal background check on a potential partner before heading out for a first date. But not many consider a professional background check before marriage as part of a standard marriage process.

Here are some common questions that you might have about your future spouse are:

  • Are they using their real name?
  • Do they work where they claim?
  • Have they ever been married before?
  • Are they divorced or in the process of getting one?
  • Are they really from another country?
  • Are they on probation or parole?
  • Are there any previous convictions?

Although it is not legally required to get a pre-marital background check done if you have even a slight hunch that your partner is hiding something, and you desire to know more about the one, you will walk down the aisle with, then a background check is highly recommended.

Divorce is a heart-breaking and complicated process. Therefore, any doubts before the wedding must be cleared to avoid future trouble, whether financial or emotional.

Nearly 100 Charged in Massive Marriage Fraud Scheme

What does a pre-marital background check reveal?

In today’s information age, there’s a massive repository of data that is accessible on the internet. A lot can be discovered with a quick online search, but in a serious, lifetime commitment such as a marriage, professional help can yield better results. Find out the kind of information a pre-marital background check may reveal!

Family or marital history

In a majority of relationships, couples communicate about past relationships and marriages prior to making a marital commitment to each other. In case you suspect that your partner may not be telling the truth regarding past relationships, you can do an in-depth assessment through a background check, or search the documents available at a local court.

Criminal history

It would be a nightmare to marry someone and find out that they are a convicted criminal or have been responsible for domestic violence or assault in the past. Except for crimes that took place during your partner’s childhood, criminal convictions of adulthood are in the public domain, and the documents can be accessed at the local courthouse or a government office in the state where the crime happened.

Credit history

A credit check is a fundamental part of a pre-marital background check to ferret out potential financial issues. Married partners often pool their funds and debts. Therefore, you must be sure about your partner’s financial status. A bad credit rating after marriage can influence your loans, payments, mortgages, landlord lease terms, insurance, and even employment in the future.

Identity verification

It’s easy to create a phony persona online. If you and your potential partner met on the internet, it is recommended to run a background check to verify their identity. Although a check might not disclose any new information, it’s essential to authenticate the necessary information provided by them.

Concluding Remarks

Not everything revealed from a pre-marital background check is negative. Information gathered from such checks can sometimes supply valuable data that can act as a catalyst to bring you and your future spouse closer. Bringing a private investigator into the picture to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your future spouse can save you from a bad relationship.

A thorough check by a professional not only puts any troublesome suspicions to rest but also is a sign that you care for the future of your marriage. You deserve a wedding that is based on love and trust, rather than a relationship marred by dishonesty, fear, and pretense.


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